There are two things driving Android volume share growth right now: 1.) excellent hardware, notably from Samsung and 2.) Google’s decision to double-down on Jelly Bean. That said, Google has pushed Android 4.2 as an over the air (OTA) update for Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 testers with final code to follow shortly.

Whether you call Android 4.2 or Jelly Bean+ (a.k.a. “A new flavor of Jelly Bean”), Google has an update that brings lock screen widgets and multi-user support — just in time for the Tuesday, November 13 Nexus 10 launch.

Android 4.2 Features

According to SlashGear, Android 4.2 allows users to place widgets, like calendar and email, on a device’s lock screen. This feature has been available in some device vendor’s skinned Android distributions, but has come home to Google’s own version of the mobile OS.

Next up is multi-user support, something that’s been around and will now be part of the Nexus 10’s feature set. Device admins can set up customizable spaces for individual users.

Android 4.2: Better Is as Better Does

Although the mobile operating system market is at least for the time being a two-horse, competition is nonetheless fierce with Apple and Google one upping each other with regular whole number and point releases coming at a steady rate.

That said, perhaps the biggest innovation on the Android side over the last year is Google’s switch from whole number rapid releases, a la Chrome, in favor of a faster succession of point updates, targeting four, seven and 10 inch devices — call it “standardization.”

This is smart and is a development strategy pulled straight from Apple’s playbook — a very, very competitive move.

What’s your take on Android 4.2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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