What’s the Difference between Web Designer vs Web Developer?

Websites play an important role in helping you expand and promote your own business. Having your own website would help you reach out to people who are looking for your products and services. But websites are not a one-time-big-time sort of thing since you are going to have to constantly develop and update it to make sure that you keep up with the trends and keep your visitor’s attention. If you are interested in availing these services, you could visit TexasWebDesign.com for inquiries. So, what is the difference between a web designer vs. a web developer?

What is the Role of a Web Designer?

The main role of a website developer would have to be to create the outside look of the website itself. This includes the layout, aesthetics, and any kind of visual aspect that the visitors and customers see. They need to make the website appealing to the eyes of the customers to encourage them to stay and possibly make them into paying customers.

As a website designer, they are going to have to stay updated on all of the trends that they could incorporate on the website, and update to keep up with all of the standards and changes of pop culture so that the visitors stay. These include keeping up with the image of your brand, the overall color of the website, the fonts that are being used, and the like.

The website designer and the website developer work hand-in-hand as they create the structure of the whole website because they need to make sure that it would not affect the overall coding of your website as designers create the structure of the site and the mockup.

There are also some instances where the website developer may provide some content that you would be able to use to draw in more visitors to your site, updates, maintenance, and monitoring services that you could avail in addition to their services.

Types or Website Designers

1.     Visual Website Designers

The visual website designer focuses on the whole layout and the aesthetics of your website, ensuring that the whole website would be pleasing to the eyes and would attract more customers while making sure that the whole site would be easy to use. They add pictures and videos to your websites in order to bring them to life. They use a bunch of software and programs so that they can accomplish their tasks.

2.     User Experience (UX) Website Designers

User Experience designers are the ones who make sure that the visitors who are coming into your website have an amazing and positive experience. They would usually center their design towards the data of what the visitors may like while they are visiting the site, using this data to help them finalize the design for your website.

3.     User Interface (UI) Website Designers

A User Interface designer does what a UX designer does but adds in the prioritizing of interactions between the website and the customer to help encourage the conversation to start going.

What is the Role of a Web Developer

Now that we know the role of a website designer, let’s move into the role of a website developer. Their main job is to build and maintain the inner workings of a website, this is the part of the website that visitors of your site won’t be able to see.

They usually are in charge of all of the technical work that goes into the website, including but not limited to complex coding and advanced language programming. They work hand-in-hand with the website designer to make sure that their visions would come to life while making sure that the whole site is functioning properly.

Types of Website Developers

1.     Front-end website developers

These kinds of website developers usually are the ones that develop the side that prioritizes the client-side of the whole website developing team. Working more with the web designers they work on what the visitors would be able to see on the screen whenever they visit your website.

2.     Back-end website developers

The back-end developers are the ones who are on the more advanced side of things as they work on the frameworks of the website, as they work on the website behind the scenes.

3.     Full-stack website developers

As the name implies, these are the kinds of developers who would be able to work with you in both aspects, being able to do both the front-end and back-end development for your website because they have a great understanding, knowledge, and training on both specialties.

Who gets paid more, web designer or developer?

In terms of who would get paid more, website developers are getting paid a bit more compared to website designers since they are working on making the website work. They have a more complex skillset, but the overall salary would depend on the experience and the location of the website designer and website developer you are planning on hiring to work with you.