when is xbox 720 coming out

when is xbox 720 coming outDon’t worry. We want to know just as badly as you do. Today, new rumors are flying about the release of the Xbox 720. All of this began when Microsoft’s Lawrence Hryb, director of Xbox Live’s programming department posted a timer on his blog that is counting down the days to E3 2013, a massive video game convention that will be taking place in Los Angeles, CA, in June.

Fans are hoping that the E3 2012 convention will bring the announcement of the next generation Xbox console which they have dubbed ‘Xbox 720’. Even though Microsoft has not yet announced any immediate plans for a new console or what any such console shall be named, fans everywhere are extremely hopeful that all of their speculation will not be in vain.

The Xbox 360 replaced the original Xbox back in 2005. This gave Microsoft the upper hand over its fierce competitor, Sony, due to their delay in releasing the PS3, which did not hit the market until 2006.

The same amount of time has lapsed during the life of the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and critics generally feel as though the end of their time as top game consoles is coming to a close. However, due to the lack of information coming from Microsoft about Xbox 360’s replacement, everyone is left the burning question: When is Xbox 720 coming out?  It’s anyone’s best guess, but Hryb’s countdown does seem promising.

When is Xbox 720 Coming Out?

Until the E3 2013 video game convention, speculation and rumors will continue to spread unless Microsoft releases information about a subsequent console any sooner than June 2013. If Microsoft does preview their console at the E3 2013, it is unlikely that it will be available for purchase on the public market until sometime in 2014.

For die-hard Xbox and Microsoft fans everywhere, it will all boil down to a game of ‘wait and see’.

When do you think that the Xbox 720 is coming out? Let us know in the comments below.

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