HTML5 is giving us many opportunities and gadgets that we can use when we are making applications or websites.

This article is related to an application that was made using HTML5 Geolocation API that is totally free to use. More important is that this application is very useful and user friendly.

Where am i now

The application where am i now was made back in 2018 with the reason to help people in their everyday activities. What you can do here is that you can find your exact position on the map and address information.

You can use this application every day, for example if you are visiting some big city you can check your current position and share it with others.

In the new release of the application they give us one big change with it, that is the option to track your movements and send it back to you your phone, email or social media.

What we can expect in the next release. On their website we found information that in the next release they will give opportunity for offline navigation.

What does that mean? That means that when you go in some country where you do not have internet access, you can simply use this application as navigator, you just need to have your GPS turned on.

That is a cool feature, because every time when we go to another country we are using some app that we need to upgrade and that are not up to date.

This application will do everything on a daily basis and on their servers, bringing us results on google maps, which is awesome, because everyone from us is familiar with google maps, and most of the other apps uses other maps, that are not so good.

Do not miss the chance, try how this application is working right now!

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