Where To Begin When You Have A New Invention Idea?

This post is paid advertisement sponsored by Diamond Bloggers. However, all thoughts are 100% my own. The process of innovation isn’t a simple one but has the power of propelling you in the world of business and opens the doors of success. Your first step to turn your invention or idea into a product will be sharing it with others in the world. If you want to achieve success make you go through the Davison Inventions Success Stories and know how you can go ahead with the process of getting started & launching your idea into a real product.

Ensure Your Invention Isn’t Patented Before

If you have not heard about your invention or ideas does not mean that you are the first one in this world to invent it. Therefore, you must conduct the patent search. In case somebody has already come up with that idea before you, then they can lay claim to the money you have got from the sales. Hence, you must do a preliminary patent search.

This can also be done by taking the help of an invention company like Davison Inventions that will help you search if anybody has patented your invention or idea before. You must do it without a lawyer and they will help you in each stage. Look for any prior art. Though there is no patent filed, if any design or artwork illustrations linked to your invention are there, you cannot patent it. So, to make this process easier you must take the help of a professional who will help you out in all ways possible. 

Know Your Idea Has Any Market

You love your ideas and think that other people will also love them. But, the only way you can know is by doing complete market research. Make sure you ask what your customers want & listen to them what they want. Knowing what people are keen to spend money on can give you a little confidence to go ahead with your invention. You can think of conducting informal focus groups & online surveys that will help you to gather feedback from your customers & include it in your ideas or invention.

Time to Go Ahead With It

There’re generally two ways that you can think of taking:

  1. One is to license your design to somebody else to make 
  2. The second is to set up the company to design, market as well as sell your product

Thus, you have to decide on what is the better option for you. Before you go for a design, make sure you seal up your product design. You do not want to ship the products to your customers and have plenty of returns as you failed in testing the design. Thus, you must do proper research on this before getting your product out in the market. But, when you hire a professional invention company then you will not have to do much research and they will take care of your product and market. 

Your design team must be capable enough of ‘designing for the manufacture’ and it needs a certain set of abilities. Thus, to help with costing up the step, you must find out:

  • Design is ready for manufacture (cost in money or time)?
  • There are many other elements of your design that need ‘tooling’ & the cost?

You just have to make sure that you haven’t underestimated its cost of design and manufacturing and check it before you let the product out in the market. It is not only the materials cost, labor & delivery as there are generally capital costs also associated with the new ‘tooling’ needed to make the product. Hence, you need to include all of them and then list the final cost. That depends on where you choose to manufacture you have to know the cost of import and shipping taxes too.

Final Words 

If you are an inventor and have a great idea with you, then Davison will help you to turn your ideas into real products. The binding security agreement will keep your ideas and invention confidential, they will help you to develop, design as well as package the product in the right way. They help with the patents & licensing too. 

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