fallout 4

fallout 4

It has been over a year since Bethesda Softworks, the team that develops Fallout, released their other big series title, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. We all knew Skyrim was going to be a game to remember, and it scooped up many awards when released.

Now, a year on, we question what Bethesda are doing in their free time. They have a big collection of developers and the only games they have published are Elder Scrolls Online and Dishonored, both developed by two other studios.

Yet we haven’t heard a whisper of the new Fallout game, even though a Bethesda spokesperson said they had acquired Fallout for the purpose of making more games. Surely on that basis, they would be working on it by now and there would be some talk amongst people about it.

The only rumour we have got is where the next game will be set and that rumour isn’t sound, although the previous Fallout games have hinted at this place. We have been to Washington, Nevada, now, we suspect we’re heading into Massachusetts.

If you haven’t followed the storyline, Doctor Li went to Massachusetts to ‘The Institute’, that is also where Harkness, the android, was made. It seems to be a centre for technology, surrounded by a land filled with ghouls and other abominations.

There are other places of interest that haven’t been uncovered, at least by Bethesda. The West, where the Brotherhood and NCR reside, would be a brilliant place to recreate in Bethesda’s eyes. So would Dakota, which I don’t believe has been on a Fallout game yet.

But Massachusetts has been the topic of conversation on Fallout 3 and we suspect that with Bethesda possibly taking back the leading role in development, they will look to make the next game there.

Whether we see Doctor Li or any of the other characters in the previous games is still undecided. We suspect if Li made it to the Institute, she would be in a high place already thanks to her gifted scientific talents.

Maybe we will have DLC going back to the Capital Wasteland, although that is thinking too far into the future. For now, we just hope the next Fallout game doesn’t take that long to come out.

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