Who is a Machine Learning Developer?

Are you a developer who wants to step into Machine Learning (ML)? And why delay now? It is currently a hot topic and a fast developing, fascinating area.

Machine learning is a new learning concept of artificial intelligence (AI) operated by intelligent computers/machines. Machine learning is meant for developing an application that allows machines to learn from their past data, examples, and patterns of functions/activities without explicit programming.

Who is a Machine Learning Developer?

A machine learning developer is an expert who uses data to train models. The models then serve to automate image classification, speech recognition, and market forecasting processes.

Usually, machine learning roles’ definitions may differ. There is also some conceptual overlap or even misunderstanding with the data scientist’s positions or the artificial intelligence engineer. Machine learning is an AI field that analyzes data to identify correlations between the input and the desired output.

An ML developer produces a tailored solution for any problem. The best way to achieve the highest results is to process the data carefully and pick the best algorithm for the given context.

Why become an ML Developer?

The essential skill in current times is machine learning. Implementation of ML is becoming omnipresent in artificial intelligence (AI). You can find AI and ML anywhere from autonomous vehicles to computerized databases.

Industry experts often call AI-driven automation the job killer. AI and ML impact almost all domains and vertical industries. Platform companies with significant AI research investments are increasingly shipping new technologies and frameworks.

All of these factors have pressured the average developer to gain machine learning skills. The ML-related tools and technologies are suddenly being learned. The number of self-paced courses and PG programs in AI and Machine Learning has doubled in this new era. In emerging economies such as India, many technical training institutes promise to turn individuals into ML developers.

Know reasons to hire Machine Learning developers

Every business, technology, and social activity has in today’s information era became a knowledge-based activity. The large amounts of helpful information and new business approaches introduced in this dynamic environment have made all of our business processes complexes. The impact of real-time data, competition, and new technology has significantly changed modern life’s landscapes.

An average human brain’s capacity is insufficient to provide insight into human nature, past data, future trends, and promising technologies. It requires more computing power than a human mind can handle in a short period. The analysis of big data from heterogeneous systems and the business arena demands that computers be highly powered to analyze the dynamic business ecosystem. Machine learning experts use various data mining techniques to explore complex, massive, heterogeneous data to quickly and cheaply convert the data into helpful information. The main advantages of using ML in modern businesses include:

  • Quick, affordable data processing
  • Real-time data collection for improved marketing
  • Improved decision-making
  • Enhanced business strategy positioning
  • Increasing competitive advantage and ROI

Eligibility criteria for a Machine Learning developer

. Languages:

Machine learning experts and programmers use many languages to build algorithms for machine learning. These are used to automatically process and react without explicit computer instructions through the code. Many languages, frameworks, and tools are used for artificial intelligence programming to create ML-based apps.

Towards Data Science Research survey says that Python leads distant from other common languages with a 57% popularity in AI developers. C/C++ was far second in this survey with a prominence of 44 percent in artificial intelligence programming. ML includes the following popular programming languages:

  • R language
  • Python for general AI projects
  • Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML)
  • Julia, Lisp & Scala
  • Java for ERP solutions
  • C/C++ for engineering projects
  • JavaScript for web visualization
  • Ruby & Matlab

. Skills:

The skills of an ML developer differ between industries and job levels. An artificial intelligence development, one way or another, is the fundamental task of every ML team. Let’s look at a widespread collection of skills that a successful developer requires.

  • Awareness of basic principles of computer science.
  • Programming language experience such as Java, R, Python, C/C++, and others is extensive.
  • Strong math, statistics, and probability expertise.
  • Data assessment and data modelings such as clustering, similarities, and others.
  • The excellent command for implementing libraries and algorithms for machine learning, including H2O, Scikit-Learn, Spark Mllib, and more.
  • Database expertise such as SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and others.
  • Awareness of new principles and methodologies of software engineering.
  • Fluent in all major platforms such as Linux, iOS, Windows.
  • Computer processing’s professional experience.
  • A technical approach, such as dedication, composition, goal-oriented, and others.

Machine Learning Developer salary

IBM’s research report shows that the average salary is around $114,000 for a job that requires machine-learning skills. It is a little higher, around $105,000 annually, than advertised jobs. Yet, the salaries of the ML developer are at the top of the industry. These salaries will differ somewhat in terms of place, town, experience, qualifications, and other factors.

Demand for Machine Learning Developers in the Market

More than 700,000 employment-related data scientists are expected worldwide, according to IBM research cited in the article Forbes. The demand for jobs is going to grow from 364,000 openings only in the USA to 2,720,000 outlets. This massive demand in the machine learning sector and data scientists for recruitment would generate new opportunities and increase ML developers’ salary shortly. In the next few years, there will be enormous growth in other parts of the world, especially in Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Final words

Data dominates today’s world, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the most extensive applications. AI refers to the research and creation of computer systems that historically can perform human intelligence-restricted tasks, such as decision-making and recognition of speech. Machine Learning is linked to the study of computers being able to learn and adapt without being specifically programmed. These closely oriented study fields are state-of-the-art and demanding technology, so AI ML courses offer students enormous opportunities.

Stay ahead in the right technology today!