Why Commercial LVT Makes Sense for Education Spaces

Luxury vinyl tile is a modular type of vinyl flooring which has a greater chance of scraps over time, and less acoustic absorption properties in a large and potentially crowded space, full of enthusiastic students, with heavy, frequently changing furniture like cafe tables. The tiles are laid out one by one, unlike regular vinyl floors, which are laid out in single sheets. It still looks like genuine wood or stone, but it has more functionalities than natural materials.

The high quality coating on commercial LVT makes it ideal for both enterprise and industry. Visually striking, versatile, and easy to install to produce imaginative and impressive designs.

The advantages of premium vinyl tile flooring are many.

It’s long-term.

Throughout their entire life cycle, all of commercial LVT goods contain forty percent recycled material and are carbon neutral.

It’s easy to use.

LVT is modular, it comes in boxes that are small enough to be carried by one person. LVT tiles are simple to store and pass around. Also, transporting tiles around multi-story buildings is fast and easy. It’s versatile and simple to cut, making it ideal for installations in corners and around the edges of walls.

It’s long-lasting.

– Ceramic bead coating protects premium vinyl tiles from rubbing and scuffing.

– A fibreglass coating is sandwiched between two core sheets, resulting in a solid core with dimensional consistency and resilience.

– This is the pinnacle of heavy-duty contract flooring.

It’s easy to make changes.

Individual vinyl tiles can be easily raised and removed, allowing for quick design changes to stay on top of the latest trends.

In the event that the floor is destroyed, new tiles are simple to install.

It improves the indoor air quality.

LVT, like all of the other floors, meets the highest criteria for indoor air quality. LVT is now certified for emitting extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds, so you can rest easy.

It has excellent acoustics.

Sound backing is standard on all Interface LVT projects. This means less noise, even on hard floors, allowing you to create environments that are conducive to concentration.

It’s daring.

Various designs to create creative combos, identify specified ‘zones’ of the floor in open-plan spaces, and drive your imagination to its limits. LVT invites you to make your mark.


LVT is mostly composed of a composite-mixed calcareous material. Under an external wear layer in the composite contents is an attached optical graphical film, which can be rendered in almost any look. While LVT was the most expensive, its long-term costs were lower because of its increased flexibility and low maintenance requirements. In the last decade, companies introduced a large selection of new commercial LVT products. New material sizes and forms such as hexagons and boards now afford new and creative designs. Many digital graphic films have progressed to the extent that they are indiscriminate from natural content, such as luxurious stone finishes and rich wood floors.


The increased performance of new commercial LVT composites and wearing lays has at the same time made the material sufficiently durable to be used in some of the most difficult applications to replace traditional materials such as glass, marble and wood. If you want to get away from a soft surface, LVT is the way to go. It has many advantages, one of which is how simple it is to manage. LVT choice is based on the long-term value and the greatest stylish versatility for other consumer vinyl alternatives.