Why do NRI's eye Delhi's Dwarka region as a hotspot for real estate investment?

Dwarka region which is a part of the Delhi, India NCR (National Capital Region) has become a sub-city of its own due to the rapid development and appreciation in real estate investment among the NRIs it has achieved. Dwarka, India has always been one of the most lucrative residential options for NRI real estate investors since the last few years for various reasons. Most NRIs invested in real estate in India in places that are on the way of development and have been running several housing projects which would fetch high returns for their investment in the future.

Why Dwarka, India is the best location for investment in flats for the NRI’s?

One of the main criteria for NRI investment in real estate in Dwarka is the expectation of higher return in the future and therefore there are several factors that determine the real estate investment of NRIs in flats in Dwarka, India. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • NRI’s who invest in flats in Dwarka; always invest in the well-established locality where there are chances of the rapid development of social and commercial infrastructure. Such well-established infrastructure provides better living conditions for the residents of Delhi, India.
  • The existing prices of the flats in Dwarka are much lesser as of now because it falls under NCR region which is yet under rapid development and expansion but not yet fully developed to charge high prices. Therefore this makes sure that the prices of the investment by NRI’s will increase soon providing a good return on investment.
  • The numerous available flats in Dwarkaare mostly under construction and are available within a very reasonable budget. This makes it good for future investment plans for NRI’s. Although if anyone is in a hurry then ready to move in flats in Dwarka are also available in plenty for NRIs to move in.
  • Flats for rent in Dwarkais also another booming opportunity which can be grabbed by NRI real estate investors. Flats in Dwarka being close to the commercial and industrial hub also fetch good rental income with good capital appreciation annually which can be an amazing opportunity for the NRIs to buy and list flats for rent in Dwarkato earn some good return on investment.
  • Most of the flats in Dwarkawhich are under construction have been developed by renowned developers suited to the luxury living lifestyle of NRIs because of the high demand in flats in Dwarkaamong the NRI’s. This is a great opportunity for NRI’s as competition between luxury apartments would mean more choices and chances of bargaining with developers for some discounts on buying properties.

Some of the real estate highlights which boosts the popularity among the NRI and resident citizens to own flats in Dwarka

  • The maximum amount of mid-segment and luxury real estate projects available in Delhi is concentrated in the Dwarka region of NCR.
  • The demand for flats in Dwarkais highest among the top 5 residential hotspots within Delhi NCR. This shows the credibility of owning flats or listing flats for rent in Dwarkaregion by NRI’s.
  • The best schools and colleges in Delhi NCR like that of Mount Carmel, DPS, Venkateshwar International School are available in the Dwarka region which subsequently increases the value of flats in Dwarkaor flats for rent in Dwarka. All the best hospitals like Rockland, Bhagat Chandra Hospital, Venkateshwar Hospital and well developed social and commercial infrastructure with the great nightlife is what attracts NRIs to invest in flats in Dwarkaor flats for rent in Dwarka.
  • The connectivity of Dwarka expressway, Delhi metro, and the NH-8 provides great commute and connectivity and increases the investment value of NRI’s to buy flats in Dwarka.

Some of the best areas of good returns on flats for rent in Dwarka for NRI’s are mentioned below:

  • Sector 12, Dwarka – having the Dwarka sector 12 metro station in its locality with the presence of several colleges in the area makes it one of the best areas of investment in flats for rent in Dwarkaregion. Being one of the most expensive localities, the returns on investment would be good.
  • Sector 19, Dwarka – flats for rent in Dwarkasector19 would be the best investment for NRI’s due to the presence of two metro station of sector 11 and 10 very close as well as a good connection to the airport via the urban extension road. The return on investments would be high due to the high rent in the area.
  • Sector 11, Dwarka – the best area to invest in flats for rent in Dwarkais sector 11 due to the announcement of converting it into a mini smart city. This resulted in the start of huge construction projects in the area which would provide a great return on investment for NRI buyers.

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