Why Dropshipping is the Best E-commerce Strategy?

If you are reading this post because you think dropshipping is a get-quick-rich scheme, visit it later when you are well aware of the hard work it requires to be profitable. Yes, unlike the posts on social media platforms, dropshipping is not simple as it sounds.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that it is not profitable. All you have to do is take the right approach to build a successful dropshipping business. In fact, it could be the savior for those who do not have a product of their own.  But if you have great strategies to promote other products and make a part of the profit from the sales, then dropshipping could work for you.

Scroll down to find why dropshipping is the best e-commerce strategy when you do not have a product of your own.

1. Low Costs

Dropshipping starts with you making an eCommerce dropshipping website. Of course, services like Wix and WordPress have made it quite simple to make a website. All you have to do is choose a template and get started. And basically, the entire cost of the operation is limited to website making and promotion. So, the cost associated will be almost negligible compared to starting a small business offline.

Note that you will also avoid the cost of purchasing the materials and paying for the delivery. As the product will be delivered directly from the vendor shop, giving you a small profit in between. The overall costs of the dropshipping business are limited to the website and promotional strategy.

2. Customizable Profit Margins

Different products have a different profit margin in the dropshipping business. Just like in Affiliate marketing — the commission rate differs based on the category and availability. However, unlike Affiliate marketing — the profit margin is not a slim percentage; rather, a bulky part of the sales amount. On average, you can earn up to 30% in commissions.

3. More Flexibility in The Market

The biggest benefit of starting a dropshipping business is you can deliver according to the recent demand. Styles come and go. Software thrives but others come and take it eventually. And that’s where dropshipping comes in handy. It is not difficult to pivot with website content. So, whatever is the demand that is calling for — you can work accordingly and organize a product that delivers to the current market. Thus, you will not be dependent on an individual product for your profits. 

4. Dropshipping is an online affair

 The most immeasurable thing about online businesses is they can be run from anywhere, anytime. So, you can make it a passive model of income for you. Moreover, the time taken to organize everything and manage later could be summed to 2 hours a day. Of course, it is not difficult to make 2 hours a day for a business that could literally make thousands of dollars.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 5 Straightforward Steps

Now that you have understood the benefits of the dropshipping business, here’s are the five simple steps to get started with dropshipping.

1.    Choose Niche Products

What’s the category that intrigues your attention? Start exploring the best options. All in all, choose a niche that fascinates and you will be willing to work with the product for years to come with no hesitation. Again, it is not critical to choose the products that fascinate you. Any well-paid product could do the job. But what’s important is you can become an expert on the product you choose. 

2.    Learn keyword research

Keywords are what drive the products in the online world. It is until that you learn about keyword research — you cannot excel in any online business. So, learn how to do proper keyword research. You can read a lot about keyword research on the internet. There are multiple free guides that will guide you with everything about keyword research. So, ensure to put attention to keyword research. Additionally, learn about Amazon keyword research — this can help you drive sales rapidly.

3.    Competitor Market Research

Market research can help you find a lot about everything about the competitor’s market. You will be able to find about the vendors competing directly with you. And it is when you understand the competitors — you can take the necessary steps to overturn them with your strategy.

4.    Research Dropshipping Suppliers

Another thing that is critical to dropshipping business is the supplier. Ensure to engage with only the right suppliers that have high-quality products, a diverse inventory, quality product photos, accessible customer service, and provides fast shipping. After finding all these traits in a supplier — you should opt for it.

5.    Find the Best Dropshipping Platforms

There are so many different platforms suitable for a dropshipping business. Shopify, WooCommerce are all examples of excellent platforms. Research and find if they can satiate your needs. You can then register on these platforms and proceed to drive sales.


A lot of users confuse Dropshipping with Affiliate marketing. In case you are one of them, you will have to understand that Dropshipping and Affiliate marketing are very different in operation. For instance, Dropshipping means creating your own website and selling other products from your site, whereas in Affiliate marketing — customers are redirected to the vendor’s site for making a purchase. With Dropshipping, you will have to handle customer support, increase your profit margin, receive immediate payments, unlike in Affiliate marketing. That said, Dropshipping is an immeasurable way to make money when you do not have a product of your own.