Why Gamers Love Phablets

We are now spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile devices. You can choose from the basic mobile phones, created with calling and texting in mind to phablets that offer a wide range of benefits. Tablets have also become extremely popular and have been created to fill the gap between mobile phone and laptop.

However, it appears as though many gamers have taken to using phablets over other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Why are phablets proving so popular with gamers?

In recent years, the improvement in technology means it is now possible to enjoy carrying a phablet. One of the reasons why gamers were first put off using a phablet was not due to the size but the weight of the device. The latest phablet releases are designed using lightweight materials meaning they can be easily carried around throughout the day, thus becoming more popular with gamers. It is easier to carry a phablet than it is a tablet, hence why they are liked by gamers.

Nonetheless, the main reason why gamers love phablets is the screen size. While not as large as some of the bigger tablets, a phablet screen easily exceeds the majority of standard smart phones and is an important feature for gamers. When playing games, whether they be video games or casino games, the bigger the screen and resolution, the better. This is especially true when it comes to playing live casino games, such as blackjack or poker for example.

If you are using the casino Dreamz website on a phablet, you will see the playing cards in greater clarity than you would using a standard smartphone. In addition, phablets often come with more processing power due to their increased size and this means a more enjoyable gaming experience. If you are playing one of the latest slots games for example, the last thing you want is for the reels to become juddery when playing the game. A top quality phablet will come with a great processor and that means you can relax and enjoy the best online casino games knowing you are receiving a first-rate experience.

You may also wish to run more than one website or application at a time. Some of the most experienced online casino players choose to play more two or more games simultaneously. By using a phablet, this becomes a simple task when trying to do so on a smartphone can become clumsy.

Then we come to the battery and there is nothing more irritating than playing a game using a mobile device only for the battery to run low. With the increased size of a phablet in comparison to a standard smartphone, the room for a superior battery means longer gaming life. Yes, having a larger screen resolution and processing power means the battery is being used more in a phablet but the size of the battery is bigger, meaning it can cope easily.

Fitting nicely in size between a smartphone and tablet, it is easy to see why gamers choose to use a phablet.