Name Matching, tough and reliable KYC and AML compliance allow in AL technology. With it, a financial institution can display screens and clients in opposition to approval lists maintained via way of means of such an organization because of OFAC, EU and UN.

Data that a bank obtains from a purchaser normally includes a couple of fields, together with the non-public call, social protection range, domestic cope with, phone range, etc. Multi-field Name Matching seeks fuzzy name matching.

Belief, banks have used a lot of guides, however specifically for High banks, the maximum of that have grown through investments, this produced a high deal of variability in how banks met their compliance requirements. It proved hard to standardize screenings throughout business units.

Given the shortage of consistent, repeatable screening, it additionally proved very hard to discover hidden relationships among people together with one signaled via way of means of a shared physical address or the like. When it involves identification theft and fraud, there are reputedly limitless approaches you are probably targeted.

KYC and AML regulations are growing to deal with the growing demand for economic services and the urgent want for accelerated protection and safety in opposition to fraud.

Your credit report includes personal data, credit account history, credit hearing, and public data details. This record is reported via way of means of your creditors and creditors to the credit bureaus.

For example, a criminal with sufficient of your personal records can be capable of reporting a tax going back to your call, taking out a payday mortgage, or maybe taking over accounts you have, converting your contact records to any other mailing address they control.

Why Name Matching is Tough

In the case of personal names, they provide the subsequent demanding situations to successful matching:

  • Misspellings
  • Word order variations
  • Initials
  • Nicknames
  • Many of names hardy like however are spelled differently
  • In software forms that escape the name into a couple of fields First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name.
  • In a world, the matching has to be successful over many exceptional national kinds with exceptional naming chapters
  •  In addition, seeing that lots of those names have been originally written in an exceptional script representing exceptional sounds than Latin, there may be a totally large range of opportunity spellings of the same name in English.

Truly, matching names is a great deal greater multiplex. It requires more than a few algorithms to test the entered statistics and solve troubles produced by decreases, letter trade, shorts, alphabet transpositions, the sign of characters, and cultural naming conventions.  It should do all of that before systematically validating these processed statistics in opposition to an authoritative supply at scale.

Name Matching Tool Benefits

The name matching tool is the maximum advanced tools supposed for matching enterprise names through Lead Angel. The open-supply statistics quality software is even able to think about names with variations, misspelled names, and additionally names that can be out of order.


Achieves too much accuracy as evidenced by way of means of prevailing in the MITRE.


Performs fuzzy name matching in opposition to tens of millions of greater names with sub-second reaction times.


Allows parameter tuning and also allows custom guidelines and dictionaries

Easy Integration

Name matching device with a REST API

A couple of Entity for Matching

Supports name matching: person, place, organization, vehicle, date, email, nationality, and phone.

Name Matching Tool Used

The name matching device is used for plenty of mission-critical programs in a variety of domain names in which failure to fit may bring about now no longer most effective lawsuits, fines, or economic theft, however additionally, withinside the worst case, human casualties.  Examples include:

  • Anti-money Laundering (AML)
  • Regulatory compliance (e.g., KYC, PEP, OFAC)
  • Fraud Detection
  • Homeland protection (e.g., visa screening, border protection)
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Customer Data Management (CDM)

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