Why TruckBook is just What the Doctor Ordered for the Trucking Industry

TruckBook Concept

The game Euro Truck simulator has long provided an idyllic- although virtual- trucking world where jobs pop up on your dashboard and unfamiliar roads are marked by a GPS system that guides you along every step of the way. TruckBook is the real-life adaption of the famous franchise, offering important accessories and technology to help drivers looking for jobs a marketplace to land their next project. Not only that, but it also offers a sophisticated guidance system to help truckers get between destinations without needing to consult huge map charts or strangers. TruckBook is here to make the trucking world better for those looking for driving opportunities and companies offering it!

Features of the app

You can download TruckBook on the Google PlayStore, just as you can on rival platform Apple. As for the app features, “TruckBookers” are privy to the following:

  • Endless trucking opportunities that keep piling up by the day, ensuring a job tap for drivers that never runs dry
  • A trusted selection of vetted drivers so that companies can rest assured that their trucks and goods are in the safest hands
  • A comprehensive GPS guide armed with important nitty-gritty such as height and other route specifications that will play a part in what road you choose to use.
  • You’ll always be in the know of stops, repair centers, among other essential en-route points of interest
  • Handy and round-the-clock roadside assistance to get you out of a jam and back on your way whenever you need it
  • A detailed yet simple to use interface that ensures excellent navigability. Despite its many functionalities, the app curates its services into a simple platform that even the not-so-tech-savvy can wrap their heads around without hassle

TruckBook working

TruckBook is an open-air market for drivers hunting down their next gig, with the platform availing a brimming lineup of various jobs. Companies providing these opportunities can categorize jobs according to nature and urgency (emergency, live, etc.) to ensure they get an experienced driver whose skills match up with the demands of the task. Meanwhile, job seekers can scroll this endless serving to find the job they desire. The app also holds the hands of drivers with on-call roadside assistance and comprehensive GPS mapping between points of travel.

TruckBook’s exclusive uniqueness

TruckBook’s adept GPS feature- which by the way you can operate by voice- is a powerful form of technology that alleviates a huge amount of work on the part of the driver. The system has proven cutting edge and reliable, as have other app functionalities, including the truck management system. Offering a trusted platform for hundreds to access or post trucking jobs, TruckBook does it all!

TruckBook has redefined the industry, and it’s hard to imagine a world without the app!     

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