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Why You Need an Emergency Light for Added Security



Why You Need an Emergency Light for Added Security

Good security is often as much about the path of least resistance as anything else. If your home can convince burglars that it’s not in their best interest to rob it, there’s no need for elaborate security features and top-of-the-line 24/7 surveillance. A single security light can be a pretty effective deterrent since it requires potential criminals to expose themselves directly into the line of sight to get close to home – at least as long as the lights around your home are positioned appropriately. In the same way that a security sign for a service you don’t own can deter thieves, so can a single security light. But it comes with a more distinct variety of advantages than a simple ADT sign could offer.

Powered by Solar Energy

Not every security light that you find is going to be powered by solar energy, but you should definitely turn your attention to those that do. Not only is it a more ecologically friendly form of power, but it’s also easier on your wallet. Sensor activated lights like the LumiGuard offering a sweep of security lighting that will go into effect when anyone walks within its perimeter. It should be enough to scare many intruders off and is at the very least a good way to alert yourself or your neighbors to the potential risk of a break-in.

Requires Little Maintenance

Since the LumiGuard is powered simply by the sun, it doesn’t require a whole lot of effort on your part. Each model comes packed with 20 incredibly strong LED lights, and they don’t even require batteries to work. Instead, they’re almost entirely self-sufficient, so you can just sit them and forget about them, confident that you’ll have an added layer of security protecting your home or business. These security lights are also resistant to frost, heat, and water, so they’ll keep chugging along comfortably no matter what situation you throw them into. The installation’s a breeze, and once it’s completed, you hypothetically never have to worry about it again.

Lighting For Other Purposes

Security lights like the LumiGuard don’t need to explicitly be about scaring off potential intruders. It can be a way to make sure that your guests make it into your home in one piece. Well-positioned lighting can serve as a guidepost for people coming to visit and can help them see better and avoid tripping on hazards along the way. But this type of lighting can easily be used as an accent for your pool or patio – providing a pleasant environment that will trigger on and off predicated on your movement alone.

It Can Save You Money

Not having to replace half your belongings after a robbery is a great incentive to invest in a security system, but these types of lights are thrifty by any standards. They cost a little upfront, and the fact that they can last for up to 100,000 hours per bulb ensures that you’ll only rarely have to even replace them. Compound that with the facts that LED lights to use roughly a fifth of the usage in traditional light bulbs, and you’re left with a pretty convincing argument for why you should invest in an outdoor light for your home.

While it may sound contrary to the purpose, security lights are in many ways an invitation. They point visitors to your front door and make clear any hazards in their way. It’s that open level of invitation – and the open exposure of being in a brightly lit lawn – that makes these types of lights such a threat to criminals. For added security, and a host of other reasons, you owe it to yourself to give this tech a try.