Why You Should Get VPS Hosting for Your Startup? 01

When starting a new business that needs a web presence and therefore a hosting solution, it’s usually okay to start with shared hosting, since financial resources tend to be limited whence the need for performance and security is not that high. However, when you are going to start a startup, which presupposes rapid growth by default, it might be a good idea to start from a more efficient hosting solution, that is with VPS hosting. In this article, we are going to have a look at the reasons, why VPS is the best solution to start a startup.

What is VPS?

To understand, how your startup will benefit from VPS hosting, let’s have a look at how VPS works compared to other hosting solutions – shared hosting and dedicated server.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. From this name already we can deduce that: VPS is a kind of server; it’s virtual (that is – not physical); it’s private – that is, it is used by one user without any outside interventions.

How does all this work? Like in the case of shared hosting, here we deal with one physical piece of hardware that is divided across several users. But unlike VPS, there there are no dedicated resources, so their allocation is a kind of anarchy, a war of everyone against everyone for resources. If nobody uses too much of them, that’s OK, but someone suddenly needs to handle high traffic peaks or similar issues, which can cause the other user’s productivity to decrease. Also shared hosting has security issues, as the users of a single shared server get vulnerable if at least one of them gets hacked.

All these problems are fixed by VPS hosting due to the way it works: by means of virtualization technology, an independent virtual machine is created. Each virtual machine has its own operating system, own IP address, and dedicated resources, the quantity of which can be scaled up or down depending on clients’ needs. Thus, although several customers use the same piece of hardware, they have a much more stable and secure server to host their website on, which turns out to be very similar to a dedicated server, but less powerful and expensive.

Now, let’s have a look at the reasons why VPS hosting is best for startups.


As mentioned, VPS are affordable, which makes them the most optimal decision for any starting business. The average VPS costs range from around 5 to 60 dollars a month, depending on the capacity you opt for, which is considerably lower than the average costs of dedicated servers, which start from about 40 dollars a month. Thus VPS becomes a really optimal solution for a business that starts but seeks rapid growth.


The space on the hardware is reserved for you only, so don’t have to worry about anybody getting unauthorized access to your data. Also, considering that you have much more control over your capacities, you can imply as many security measures as you need.


Since the VPS is fully under your control, you are completely free to choose the operating system and software you want to install. Moreover, you can choose, whether you want to manage your VPS yourself or you want the provider to do it for you with corresponding options managed or unmanaged VPS. That is, you can choose between more control or more time and resources to dedicate to the development of your startup itself. Very flexible.


Choosing shared hosting, you may be never sure whether your site will be always up or not. So, to successfully start a new business and constantly attract new clients, you need a site with smooth and stable operation. In this case, VPS is a very reliable hosting solution, that guarantees you constant uptime and fail-resistance of your website.


This another aspect concerning performance is also extremely important for a successful operation of a website. Of course, this one is crucial for the user experience, and the comfortable use of your site for your clients, which leads to their increase. Moreover, the page loading speed affects also the search engine optimization of your site, which supposes specific requirements, particularly for the speed. So, if the page loading speed of your site exceeds 3 seconds, not only it will make you lose clients, but also will place you at the bottom of the list on the search page. Thus, speed is extremely important and it can be provided by a VPS.


Startups are businesses that are supposed to grow rapidly. To provide this growth, a startup needs to be efficient, needs, so to say, a starter pack of tools, that can provide this efficiency. With all its advantages, VPS is a must to start a fast, reliable, and secure site and for an affordable price. If you are going to start a startup and looking for a hosting solution for it, have a look at HostZealot’s VPS hosting in Europe and you won’t regret it.

Thank you for your time and take care!

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