Is your WiFi router smart?
Is your WiFi router smart?

In this generation, WiFi is the hub (or the internet) for everything, from searching to watching TV. Increasingly, even calls are being made through the internet (WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Hike and many more).

WiFi plays an important role in our daily life; that’s for sure. People are morely shifting to internet services from the traditional system for various things. For example, more and more people are using Netflix (also HBO Go, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.) and few of them are even getting rid of their traditional TV cable sytem.

TV boxes like Apple TV, Amazon fire TV, etc are also popular but I think the future of TV will be just the TV which will come with various pre installed apps removing the need for an additional box for the TV. 

Taking a look at the network providers, you may have heard about Jio. If not, it is a network provider in India which is offering 4g services for a very low price compared to other network providers. It’s also offering the service for free for a limited time. What I mean to say from this is that, the company wants the internet to be the core of its services. The Jio SIM will not work on a 2G or a 3G phone. The calls and messages will work on the VoLTE technology.

Talking about home, people generally prefer WiFi. But is your WiFi smart enough to let you stream Netflix at the best quality on your 4k TV and also allow you to use the WiFi on your laptop at the same time? It’s not a big deal but if you are a perfectionist and want the things to work the way are supposed to, then you should definitely look at Google WiFi and Apple AirPort. They offer pretty smart features and improve your internet experience.

Especially the Google WiFi, you can easily buy WiFi range extenders from Google and they work harmoniously. Not only that, the router is always connected to your phone offering easier ways to provide WiFi to the guests, keeping your kids under the tab and much more. It’s also pretty intelligent, it automatically chooses the best network channel by looking for the least crowded channel and shifting to the one.

My aim for the article is to let you know that your WiFi can be smarter.