If there is one thing holding iOS games back it’s controls. The iPhone and iPad do not have analog sticks or D-pads, which does limit what developers can do with iOS games a little. Wikipad is a company that has committed itself to enhancing gaming on tablet and phones with new control pads. Among them is the Gamevice first launched on the iPad mini. Now the Gamevice has also become available for the iPhone 6 this month.

What the Gamevice adds to your iPhone 6 is a D-pad and analog stick that you would expect to find with portable consoles. It is an attachable control pad that adds a D-pad and dual-anolog stick to left and right side of the iPhone. Then you can rotate the iPhone to play the games as shown in the shot above.

When you have attached the Gamevice, it is comparable to the Wii U control pad. It includes four ABXY buttons on the right of the pad. In addition, it also has a pause and switch for on or off buttons.

Gamevice only works with compatible game titles. You can play hundreds of iOS games with the service among which are newly launched titles such as Rayman Adventures, Sniper Fury and Mines of Mars. Click here to open the full listing of compatible games. Alternatively, add the Gamevice Live app to the iPhone 6 that aggregates all the compatible titles and provides a controller map for them.

Wikipad is launching the app for all iPhone 6 models. So that means you can add it to the original iPhone 6 and 6 Plus along with more recent models. The control pad is also retailing at $99.95.

So now you can play iOS games with a console control pad. The Gamevice will further enhance the iPhone as a portable gaming platform. You can find more details for the Gamevice at its website. Below is a list of the Gamevice’s specifications.

  • Lightning connector
  • ABXY buttons
  • D-pad Duel analog joysticks
  • L1, R1 digital bumpers
  • L2, R2 analog triggers
  • Pause button
  • Power on/off button
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 200 mAh battery