Wildstar Reloaded is a new version of a traditional MMORPG game everyone used to. Meet the futuristic universe with tons of great features, new items you can buy at the in-game store, and get free currency just by playing the game. Wildstar Reloaded is all about new cosmic reward programs and weird characters and objects.

So, get your Wildstar Reloaded free download file too, and let’s begin reviewing the game together. By the way, to download wildstar on your computer, you don’t need any special characteristics or features. Wildstar reloaded latest download shows that the game is perfectly compatible with Windows 10 and smoothly runs on all other Windows systems.

What Is Wildstar Reloaded Like?

Since you have Wildstar Reloaded download file on your PC, run it and follow the game with us.

Obviously, in the very beginning, you’re offered to create a character. There are two functions to choose from – dominion and exile. Each of them has 4 different races. You can also choose among medic, warrior, mechanic, spell snare, and stalker. But not all classes are available for each race. One race is more limited than others. So, keep it in mind when creating a character. Check every race and the abilities it provides. Of course, a free-to-play version is not so wide and diverse as a paid one.

  • The combat in the game is not similar to other online multiplayer MMORPG games. This game is not of a simple tactic. The enemy’s attacks become more and more complex with each level and your step further. And you’re given less time to react to those attacks. As all enemies in Wildstar Reloaded are placed quite close together, keeping the character aware of the surroundings literally all the time. Still, you don’t need to be a professional gamer to play this version of Wildstar. It may be a little bit hard for the beginners, but not the average players who have played other MMORPG games before.
  • As you move through the game you get the rewards and unlock different interesting items with multiple missions and adventures.
  • Some levels of Wildstar Reloaded can be pretty hard and complex if you’re a beginner. So, you can check some of the game tactics online.

Don’t stick to missions or questing up only. If you want to move through the game faster and get better rewards, it is recommended to mix everything together – missions, questing up, and adventures to get the most out of the game. This way, Wildstar Reloaded won’t seem to be a monotonous kind of a game. On different levels, you can get different rewards and options. For example, a housing option with a creepy house, a strange hat, funny pet, mountain, and much more. But this is not all. If you’re a signed member, the game gives you even more bonuses without taking away the most interesting content from the free players. And by the way, customizable map points and more convenient teleportation options are also included in this version of the game. To make a long story short, Wildstar Reloaded has much more content than ever before.

Wildstar 2 

To Play or Not to Play?

So, the question is the same. Who can this game be recommended to? First of all, it is definitely a must try game for those who have played Wildstar before. This version is even better than you imagine it is to be. Secondly, it will be interesting for all MMORPG fans as it drastically differs from all other similar games available on the Net. So, download, play and give your feedback too.

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