Do you love the thrill of winning prizes? We all do. That’s why games apps can be so much fun—they have a reward system. Oh, the hours we spend on virtual prizes, what if you could dedicate that same time to winning real, life-changing prizes?

If we told you it was possible through an app on your phone, would you do it? Only one way to find out: there is such an app in town, and it’s called Prize Fiesta.

But before racing to the app store, take a couple of minutes to read this review to learn about the game, its pros and cons, and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Since 2016, Prize Fiesta is an iOS and Android app that allows you to win legit real-life prizes. Whether you’re looking for a new phone or TV, or a smartwatch to make your life easier, Prize Fiesta seems to have something for everyone.

How do you play Prize Fiesta?

Ever play Candy Crush? It’s similar—except this time you might win an iPad after a while of matching three same-colored objects in a row.

We outlined the step-by-step in this review:

  1. Strategically line up matching gift boxes by color using your finger to swipe horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You’re given a certain amount of moves per stage (3 stages per level), so you must use them wisely to complete the level. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend gems to buy more moves.
  2. Earn piggy dollars as you play the game. To unlock the prize cavern users must reach $750.
  3. Win fantastic real-life prizes.
  4. Win prizes & receive them at home.

What could I win on Prize Fiesta?

In case you’re wondering what those “life-changing” prizes are—we took a look. Here’s a list of some of the very generous prizes:

  • Brand new iPhone 13
  • Smart TVs
  • Games consoles like XBOX & Playstation
  • High-definition Bluetooth speakers
  • Smart Watches

And more. The game also has a tab where you can see all the cool prizes other players have won while playing Prize Fiesta. Some players have been playing for over 10 years with previous games from the same publishing company: Full Game Ahead.

Pro tips for a higher chance of winning on Prize Fiesta:

  • Play at the bottom
  • Make squares
  • Play your JOKERS quickly
  • Destroy all obstructions and spread the GOO
  • Remember to use the SPIN area for more free gems
  • If possible, strategically line up 4 or 5 identical pieces instead of 3, which yields greater rewards (especially if you combine with jokers)

What are the pros of Prize Fiesta?

If the real-life prizes weren’t enough, then here are four more things included in this review that are a plus if you choose to play Prize Fiesta.

  • No timer: unlike other prize-winning apps that add time limits to reduce chances of winning, you can sit back and relax on Prize Fiesta, taking your sweet time to match 3.
  • Many combinations: players stay engaged with the game and explore all the combinations and possibilities.
  • Immersive: the game does a great job of entertaining players with different, imaginative, and colorful worlds and sound effects.
  • Celebrates winners: Prize Fiesta isn’t just a game, it’s a community. A happy, supportive, and tight-knit one. With over 20 000 followers, Prize Fiesta occasionally posts winners, gives users updates on important features and promotions, and community members provide pro tips. You can join through the game.
  • Mobile-ready: you can play on your mobile on the go. Prize Fiesta is also available on Facebook.

What are the cons of Prize Fiesta?

  • To see rewards, you’ll have to reach $750 in piggy bank earnings. But stacking your bank doesn’t take as long as you’d think. And most players don’t notice they got there because they’re more caught up in the game.
  • Limited moves: You have to spend gems to have more moves. You’ll need a good strategy!

Final thoughts on Prize Fiesta?

Overall in this Prize Fiesta review, we think that the game is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a fun, rewarding, and immersive game to play. With its many years of experience in the industry and an unbeatable prize list, this is one game app that you don’t want to miss out on.