Have strong sense of adventure, good fault tolerance and the Start Menu + Tiles concept doesn’t deter you? Then Redmond has a Windows 10 download for you! Yes, unpaid lab rat guys and gals, join the Windows Insider program and get the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

As a member of the Windows Insider community, you will have an active role in helping us build Windows 10 and be among the first to see new stuff. You will automatically receive new builds as we release them with the latest features we’re experimenting with – and our freshest bugs — Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft.

And, the real benefit of Windows 10 download right now via the Windows Insider program is getting Windows 8 off your PC right now.

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But before you get that Windows 10 download or join the Windows Insider program, get and read the read the FAQ carefully.

Dumb Windows joke for ya? Why did Microsoft name it Windows 10? Because seven ate nine, hey!

If you think I snark too much, think different! Call it a shared understanding with a little gallows humor mixed in for fun — I’m an OS X Yosemite lab rat.

Beta testers are welcome, geek spoken here…

What’s your take?