Windows 8 Logo Microsoft Surface

Windows 8 Logo Microsoft Surface

The Windows 8 Launch Event is happening now in New York, and Microsoft is providing a live stream of the event.

Click here to watch the event live.

Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky, President of Microsoft Windows Division, is explaining the various features of the new OS and how it will apply to multiple formats, including the Surface tablet. Also being discussed is the Windows Store, the competitor to Google Play and iTunes App Store.

Video Notes:

Time is noted in East Coast time zone. Please refresh for updated content.

10:00AM – Event Begins at a pier in New York.

11:13 AM – Keynote address begins, lead by Microsoft Windows Division President Steven Sinofsky.

11:20 AM – Mr. Sinofksy talks about the release of Windows 7 from 3 years ago.

11:26 AM – Mr. Sinofsky claims that no other product in the world has been through more product testing than Windows 8.

 11:37 AM – Mr. Sinofsky discusses RT and how it will be compatible with most hardware, specifically a wide variety of printers.

11:40 AM – Two more Microsoft executives join the state: Mike Angiulo and Julie Larson-Green.

11:44 AM – Mr. Anguilo shows how Windows 8 boots 33% faster than the same machine running Windows 7.

 11:48 AM – Mr. Angiulo talks about the power of mobile tablet computing with Windows 8, including Windows Pro on a tablet.

11:50 AM – Ms. Larson-Green brings out an Acer tablet, really focusing on the multi-touch abilities.

11:53 AM – Dell XPS 1 being described by both announcers. Features 27-inch screen with full touch. Describing how Windows 8 scales across all sizes.

11:54 AM – Begin discussion on Windows Store and the apps that are available.

11:55 AM – No mention yet of the lack of major players in the Windows Store such as Facebook. Currently focusing on how well the apps play together, including not having to pause Hulu while you install other apps, video just decreases in size and moves to the side.

11:57 AM – Showcasing the new Bing app and its integration with the OS.

11:58 AM – Going back to talking about Windows RT, now showcasing actual devices. Starting with the Lenovo Yoga Laptop/Tablet.

12:00 PM – Bringing out the Surface tablet.

12:01 PM – First part of event ends. Live stream changes to ad for Windows 8 with catchy music.

12:02 PM – Steve Ballmer takes the stage. Begins discussing purchasing Windows 8 after midnight tonight.

12:03 PM – Mr. Ballmer, Microsofts CEO, discussing Live Tiles and how they keep users constantly updated.

12:04 PM – “Windows 8 PC’s are the best devices ever.” – Steve Ballmer

12:08 PM – Talking now about Enterprise users and data protection.

12:10 PM- Mr. Ballmer talks about the Windows Store, which might be confused with the Microsoft Store physical locations in some of the discussions.

12:22 PM – Event End.