Microsoft Windows 9 Release Planned For April 2015 (Rumor)

It only took a matter of weeks after the original version of Windows 8 was released for rumors regarding Windows 9 to make it to the public. Although the company is focussed on an update for Windows 8.1 as of right now, Windows watcher Paul Thurrott is reporting that the company has bigger plans which include a release of Windows 9 sometime around April 2015.

Microsoft Windows 9 Release Planned For April 2015 (Rumor)If Thurrott is correct in stating that Windows 9 will be released in April 2015, the new operating system will also be announced during Microsoft’s annual Build conference in April 2014 at which point, Microsoft may officially announce a release date for the OS.

Microsoft has reportedly recognized some of the criticisms of Windows 8 as being things that either need to be fixed in an update for Windows 8.1 or in Windows 9 further down the line. One of the major things that will supposedly come in between now and April 2015 is a full return of the Start Menu, although earlier rumors suggest that it is more likely that Microsoft will include this change in an Update for Windows 8.1 rather than in an entirely new operating system next year.

Even with Thurrott’s report, there is very little known of Windows 9 other than a potential release date. As a result of the Windows 8 criticism, Microsoft may look for a way to run “Metro” apps in a way that is similar to traditional Windows, which would include allowing them to run in separate windows.

Windows 9 is still more than a year away, so focussing too much on Thurrott’s report is likely not a good idea. That being said, when looking at previous release dates for Windows and the amount of time that Microsoft takes in between iterations of the OS, a mid to late 2015 release date may make a lot of sense.

Microsoft will reportedly build Windows 9 with three major development versions before coming out with a full and stable version of the OS, although it is unclear how many of these development versions will be made available to developers prior to the public release.

Summary: At least one new report suggests that Windows 9 will be released by Microsoft sometime around April 2015, with an announcement coming during this year’s Build conference in April. Windows 9 will include a return of the start menu and a major re-working of the Metro UI and its applications, in response to criticism of Windows 8.

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  1. I’m most interested in, how will Microsoft handle the
    PRICING of this new O.S.? Apple has a
    FREE upgrade to the newest OS, so will Microsoft follow suit? And if the question about, how the upgrade to
    8.1 was free, so isn’t that the same thing apple did? The answer is NO. 8.1 was everything 8 should have been. It’s like 8 was a premature version of 8.1,
    and ‘we’ the consumer are supposed to take the upgrade as a ‘benefit’. And while on that, 9 will ‘probably’ be what
    8.1 was originally proposed as. Just the
    management at Microsoft saw an opportunity to give the consumer a little at a
    time and call it ‘new’. The upgrade
    should be FREE, as all the versions of 8.x were all betas.

  2. Most people who follow tech news knew Windows 8 was another Vista and Windows 9 was just around the corner. Only the unknowing or ultra-fanboy would buy Windows 8.

  3. Win 8 OS is good, the UX is terrible. Give me the OPTION of the start menu…Some might say get over it, well, ever other OS let me decide, which is MS strong point (or was). Hope win 9 isn’t too late…

  4. Apple makes a lot of money off hardware. OSX generally only runs on their hardware, not counting illegal/unauthorized hacks. So Apple has no real need to charge excessively since they want to keep people happy with their Apple hardware. Conversely, you can get everything from a horrible Windows machine to a great one due to the fact MS mostly doesn’t manufacture PC’s – except for MS Surface. They make no money on other manufacturers’ hardware, only the software. They can’t give WIndows away for free or they have no business. No, Windows 9 will not be free.

  5. Why? to go back to the start Menu? Oops we blew that. Microsoft is so big and bureaucratic it can’t seem to bring forth an operating system that won’t need a major update. Oh that would need the gravy train of money to buy it. It won’t be long before Windows 445 is on the horizon with bloated code, glitches, need for patches and updates even before it is released. A company that can’t or won’t deliver high quality products isn’t going to be in business for very long

  6. I dont see any problems with Windows 8 other than you really need 6Gb of RAM and a new generation processor to run everyday applications efficiently. Other than that it is easier to use/learn than any previous operating system (other than touch features). So many people complain that they don’t know where anything is, the only thing you need to be able to find is the search feature. No more learning how to traverse all the settings and menus and control panel of previous operating systems.

  7. I will keep using Windows XP. It’s still the best.
    I just “upgraded” from Win 7 to XP and now everything is faster and my PC does what I want, not what Microsoft wants. And XP comes with a nice and fast e-mail client.

  8. He he i will be laughing when updates end and there is major virus released. And if your computer cant run windows fast well i think its itme to up date. Or at least upgrade your cpu and maybe ram.

  9. “They make no money on other manufacturers’ hardware, only the software.” That is not really true. Microsoft exacts a tax on just about every piece of PC hardware shipped. The only exceptions are those machines people built themselves that either run with illegal versions of Windows or free OS like Linux.

  10. Microsoft makes $50.00 per computer whereas Apple makes nineteen percent profit per computer. BIG difference. Apple’s corporate strategy involves such high profit margins on Macs.

  11. Unless they roll back the code and drop the Metro interface then they are wasting their time. Even installing a third party band-aid like Classic Shell only helps a little. Metro requires so many additional clicks and drags to do things that it is vastly less efficient than the XP interface. The reluctance of consumers to switch to it from XP or Win7 proves that we don’t like it and that we don’t want it. It’s no wonder the Board of Directors fired Balmer.

    I think Microsoft foisted Metro on us to beef up their Windows phone and Surface tablet sales. They think they can use their monopoly power in the OS to make the buying public comfortable with the touch based interface on those devices. Instead, the plan backfired and Balmer got the boot.

  12. No, Win 8 was not a “premature version of 8.1”. Win 8 was an idiotic version of Windows, and Win 8.1 is about exactly 3% less idiotic.

    If you wonder how I discerned the exact value of 3%, here is a hint: I learned the science of assigning exact percentages to vague opinions from Conan
    O’Brien, when he promised that “The next show is going to be at least 8% better!”

  13. 1) I don’t like it that my comment gets lost when I type it before I sign in.

    2) How can MS make it better with version 9 of Windows, when they did not listen to the ton of complaints and suggestions with Win 8. Win 8.1 was no improvement.
    The only way that it gets better might be if all the MS head honchos take a vacation way far north, and run themselves over a cliff with the lemmings.

    Meanwhile, the current MS policy is to make upgrading to a new version of Windows as difficult as possible, and to annoy as many people as possible. Yup, forget anything about profit maximization, it’s the “complete and utter annoyance maximum”, that’s what they are after. Isn’t that a bit suicidal? Well, I cannot say that I understand the thinking of any of the people on the board of Microsoft, I don’t know them, and my wild guess is that they are made up of the three famous monkeys that don’t hear, don’t see, don’t talk, and may be don’t think.

  14. Right, because of rivulets of cascading ideas – because that’s where choo-choo goes – because Mongo like Candy!

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