Bluetooth Bamboo KeyboardImpecca’s new eco-friendly bamboo wireless keyboard is launching at CES. This wireless keyboard is compatible with Bluetooth devices on many different operating systems, including Android, Surface, Kindle, Nexus, iPad, and smartphones, or can be used as a cordless keyboard with a PC. The keyboard is lightweight and portable, thanks to the bamboo construction. Impecca already offers a bamboo USB mouse and a bamboo USB keyboard with the same simple bamboo style and environmental goals.

A few weeks ago, I came across a similar product on Kickstarter, from iZen (not connected to Impecca, the brand launching at next week’s CES), which sparked my interest in environmentally friendly hardware. I go through externals like cordless mice and iPod headphones pretty regularly, and it would be great to buy eco-friendly hardware.

There’s no reason environmentally friendly has to be frumpy, either, and Impecca has given this bamboo keyboard a nice, simple style. Good for a themed office, or perhaps a conversion starter, or making one’s environmental beliefs known in the office or coworking space.  Bamboo is a great resource for environmentally friendly, easily sustainable products because it grows so quickly and abundantly. In some parts of the American southeast, bamboo is considered an invasive species that must be contained to stop excessive spreading.

Impecca also promises that this keyboard will be comfortable and ergonomic. A small bamboo panel at the back of the keyboard is used to position it at a comfortable place for typing, and the Bluetooth connection has a range of 33 feet. (If you’re into ergonomic workspaces, that is, and don’t just use cordless externals for typing while lying on the couch…) As you can see from the photo, this is a standard Qwerty layout, with full-size keys.

This Bluetooth Bamboo Keyboard is launching at CES, and will retail for $99 beginning in February 2013. The existing Bamboo USB Keyboard is currently available, and retails for $69.