WordCrazy Android app reviewPrice: Free         Score: 8/10         Category: Brain & Puzzle

WordCrazy, by developer Dangerous Playground, is a fun Android word game in the same vein as Scrabble and Words With Friends. Word Crazy separates itself from the pack in a few innovative ways, and with the free price there’s basically no reason not to give this Android game a try.

WordCrazy may seem like your standard crossword puzzle style game, and in many ways that is accurate, but this Android game really defines itself with some unique features that make WordCrazy especially exciting.

If you’re into Scrabble or other word based board games then you probably already realize that the more players you can involve the better. WordCrazy gives you the change to play with up to four other people who can be random strangers, friends, or computer bots.


Don’t have any friends playing WordCrazy yet? No problem! The bots make great opponents, and their skill level scales to your particular abilities as the game progresses. If you jump right into the game and start playing a bot, don’t be surprised if you’re beat the first round. Like any game with an adaptable bot system, it may take a few games to get the right level of competiveness in WordCrazy.

A replay feature allows you to view any move over again, giving you a chance to analyze your opponent’s moves and gameplay styles. There are plenty of board styles to help keep things interesting, and push notifications help you keep track of the game without constantly keeping the app open in the background. You’ll also see the standard word and letter multipliers, plus WordCrazy keeps track of your stats as well as your friends.

English may not be your first, or preferred, language. In that case WordCrazy for Android also offers up a variety of languages. You can play in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, or Dutch. This impressive offering of languages really pushes WordCrazy into the category of great Android wordplay games.

WordCrazy requires Android version 2.1 and up. It’s available for free and rated Everyone. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this Android game review.