By now, plenty of iOS enthusiasts are becoming tired of Words with Friends and other generic Scrabble spin offs.  It’s about time that the app store receives some fresh wordplay — and Wordfeud offers exactly that.

Following immense success on Android, German developer Bertheussen was excited to announce the release of their popular game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  The game, which flaunts more than two million downloads, released on Apple’s app store last night.

Wordfeud offers a different experience every time.

In many ways, Wordfeud is similar to Words with Friends and other Scrabble-esque applications.  You still get tiles with letters on them that, when placed together, form words, you can still play with all the same friends, and you still have a choice to play against friends or random opponents.

But what made Wordfeud so popular in the Android Market?  When players get tired of the same old board each and every time, players can chose to use the ‘random board’ option where the traditional special tiles such as double letter,  triple letter, etc are flung around the board at random, creating a unique experience every time.

Even more, players can participate in 30 simultaneous long-term games and still maintain the ability to chat with their opponents while playing.

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