Write or Die



Brought to you by Dr. Wicked, Write or Die 2 is a procrastination killer designed to help a writer focus on a task with either fear or reward tactics. Run with Windows, Mac, and Linus, this app has several terrifying consequences for if it detects its author not writing and lazing off to procrastinate. Here are some of the things you can expect procrastinators downloading the app to face:


1# “Startle Mode”

Usually a warning colour appears before you are about to enter punishment, and so startle mode takes this a step further by completely disabling the application so you may never know when you are about to be punished. This gives the writer more of an edgy attitude to working, and keeping his hands on the keys constantly.


2# Alarms

This application also includes the handy alarm feature (which, if on startle mode, would give the user a heart attack) the ranges include Alarming, Cacophony, and Horrible, which includes a skull and crossbones beside it. Want to try that one out with the volume turned up full blast? We dare you.


3# Images

To accompany all the rest of that loud noise and unexpected surprises, an image can also pop up on your screen in an attempt to make you work. The user has a choice of Spiders, Creepy Critters, Office Horror, and Grumpy Cat. If you don’t believe an image can be enough to tempt you to work, you should definitely check of the tons of videos labelled ‘Scary Maze’ littering YouTube. You will definitely change your mind.


See? Not nice.


 4# “Kamikaze Mode”

This is definitely one of the worst punishments on the app, which actually has you racing against the app as it deletes your work, to make you work. After writing up 500 words of that report and taking a quick break, the idea of that suddenly being deleted is terrifying. Definitely an incentive to do your essay or work report.

5# Positive Reinforcement

Okay- it’s not all that bad. Fortunately, the app also can be designed to positively motivate someone to write. In a carrot-on-a-stick method, the app also can produce your favourite images when reaching a certain word count, and sounds such as kittens purring, Fluttershy’s voice from the ever popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, bells, and Tibetan bowls. Not only that, it can also stimulate the writer with a background of their choosing, such as a forest or quiet hideaway. When done, the app also can play a victory tune, if the satisfaction of finishing is not enough.


So with the aid of both positive and negative reinforcement, this app gives no excuses to lazy procrastinators. Which one is better- negative or positive reinforcement- is yet to be seen. To find out for yourself, the app is linked below.  Enjoy your nerve wrecking or rewarding writing time!