X Phone

X Phone

The Motorola X Phone has been rumored and many have said it will be the Google and Motorola partnership we have been waiting for, ever since Mountain View bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion nine months ago.

We have heard from Google’s CFO that they are still waiting on Motorola’s 18 month pipeline to finish, before they start pumping out really good products that compete directly against Samsung, HTC, Sony and other Android partners.

The X Phone is apparently going to end the non “wow” factor phones Motorola are producing at the moment, with Google stepping in to ensure innovation and performance at the company they purchased.

X Phone

Build Your Own: X Phone

According to Android and Me, the X Phone will not only change the price phones are marketed, it will change the way someone buys a smartphone and the way someone picks a carrier.

The X Phone will have a dozens of different models, depending on a users price range and what they want inside the device. Google will allow you to customize your smartphone to your specifications, as Dell and other “build your own” computer shops allow.

The biggest cherry on top is that these phones, no matter how premium, will be free from contract, with users deciding if they want to enable 4G or not, whether they want quad-core or single-core, and whether they want any other feature on their smartphone or not.

We are still unsure how much of this rumor is true, perhaps you will just be able to pick different off-contract models without any real customization, but perhaps Google see Microsoft’s idea of open software and open hardware as one that could succeed in the mobile market.

If this is true, we can see big things happening in the mobile market, but even bigger problems for the carriers. Already, they are hated by many for their extortionate two-year contacts, and there has been talk of three-year contracts. The X Phone could change all this, with contract-free smartphones at top prices.

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