X Phone

X Phone

While the X Phone is still wrapped in mystery, with Google and Motorola still not budging, Hugh Bradlow, CTO for Australian carrier Telstra, has said that the X Phone could be a “game changer”.

Bradlow reportedly told senior mobile staff members that the X Phone will be a “real breakthrough, a game changer that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple.” It seems Bradlow has some idea of the phones capabilities, if this report has any real truth.

According to another anonymous Motorola source, “Google has been working on this device for a long time. It has software features and capabilities that are not available on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Apple iPhone. The software is really powerful and it pulls together Google services like no other manufacturer has done in the past.”

All this points to deep software integration that will completely change the mobile space. The source says that the phone will have new features that are not on the Samsung Galaxy, pointing at a new redesign of Android, or a complete new operating system.

This could be a prospect, considering that Google is starting to become a little more closed as Android bolsters in numbers. Google may set Android as an open source project while making their own, similar operating system for Google devices only.

Another report says Google will add a Nexus UI to Android 5.0, which will be shipping with the X Phone. The UI could be better for integration and reportedly will take on many of Samsung’s home-brand software.

When we go back to when Motorola was acquired by Google, Eric Schmidt had to go out to the various partners and tell them that Google had no intent to move and make new devices.

Now this promise may be expired, as Samsung move to become the number one phone manufacturer and push away from the Android brand. Google may want to step in and take away Samsung’s market share.

All will be revealed at Google I/O, hopefully the X Phone with a ton of other new projects.