Xbox 720 Quantum Leap

When I hear ‘Quantum Leap,’ the first thing that comes to mind isn’t the Xbox 720 or the Playstation 4. Instead, that old TV show with Scott Bakula about that time-lost scientist jumping from person to person while dispensing justice along the way. However, in this case, quantum leap refers to a significant advancement in technology (although those of you who googled the expression would’ve found out that Science actually defines it as a tiny leap).  And big changes are exactly what  Remedy’s Oskari Häkkinen expects from Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles.

Xbox 720 Quantum Leap

According to an interview with Games Industry International (website in German), Remedy is currently working on a secret unnamed project that’s meant for the Xbox 720 and the Playstation 4.

“Currently we are working – like always – with a relatively small team on a next-gen project. One question you always ask yourself in this phase is: can the upcoming consoles really be so much better compared to the current gen,” says Häkkinen. “I can assure you they are. It’s a quantum leap!”

As of the moment, only Nintendo has mad their next-gen plans official; the Japanese company intends to release the Wii U later this year. However, insiders are already saying that the technology used in the Wii U is just at par with the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, making others hold out for the the successors of Microsoft and Sony’s current-gen consoles. And while there has been no official word on what to expect from next-gen plans for the Xbox and the Playstation, these “updates” from industry insiders like Häkkinen make us all a little bit more optimistic.

Do you think the Xbox 720 and the Playstation 4 will advance console gaming significantly? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. It is hard to predict. One thing is certain: future “PS4” and “XBOX 720” would play a role in gaming enhancement mostly through hardware update. The rest is on the developers side. The most important components are “CPU and RAM” which may improve OS/firmware performance along with gaming-based computation and the GPU which is for the “visualization” mainly (both are required to enhance gaming experience). I am waiting for the 4K experience which mean 3D will be awesome and graphics … fantastic!

  2. I hope so, I’m more than sure that the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 will most definitely passed that of the Wii U holds. I’m looking forward to having my PS4 some time next year. sony plz don’t keep us waiting..

  3. Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 will not only advance console gaming It will advance pc gaming to.
    The majority of PC games are made for console and then ported over. Pc’s are much more powerful this day and age and yet game developers only design games to be played on 1 to 4 cpu cores.
    The release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 will create a new industry standard where games are designed for more than 1 core!!!!!!

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