Xbox Series X Controller Has Changed

Xbox keeps getting great updates, with Xbox Series X as the latest model. Previously, many players called the xbox one controller top design in the industry and did not want the company ever to change it. Others disagreed, though. The good news is, the best xbox one pro controller has not changed that much – just enough to fix the main issues (yes, there were some).

Basically, when working on Series X, Xbox’s developers researched “what’s wrong with xbox one controllers?” and made sure that the new design would be better. They kept the good features of the best xbox wireless controller and improved its connectivity, compatibility, and user comfort. So, let’s look at what has changed.

#1 The Design Is More Accessible Now

One of the issues with the previous controller was that it was not equally comfortable for all people’s hands. Do you know the problem with driving seats and seatbelts in cars? They are designed with an average man’s proportions in mind. As a result, women have a much higher chance of getting injured in accidents. Something similar was true for old Xbox controllers.

Now, the console’s designers have considered one of their product’s main target demographic, children. The Series X controller is made to accommodate smaller hands as well, so an eight-year-old is now as comfortable playing as an adult is. This is surely a smart move.

Interestingly, the designers managed to achieve this without sacrificing the comfort of players with bigger hands. It sounds almost impossible, but it is true thanks to a better thought-out shape of bumpers, grips, and triggers. Aside from a handful of creatures of habit among gamers, everyone seems satisfied with the new design, regardless of their hand size.

#2 The Controller is Covered with a Comfortable Material

Another problem with the Xbox One controller, albeit a minor one, was the material. There is a reason why thumb grips are such a popular accessory among console gamers. The material used for Xbox One was not as good for the player’s hands as one would wish.

For the Xbox Series X controller, the company’s designers added tactile micro bumps to triggers and shoulder bumpers. Thanks to this change, players get a better grip, and their hands are less likely to slip mid-game. The risk of getting blisters or calluses after hours spent playing is also lower now. This may cost companies selling thumb grips their sales, though.

Sadly, some players still complain about triggers and claim that micro bumps were a showoff move. They argue that the added feature has not really made the grip better. Probably, the best idea is to try the new controller of Xbox Series X first but maybe keep a pair of thumb grips on the Amazon wish list for a bit.

#3 The New D-Pad Is Loads Better

The directional pad was the weakest part of the old Xbox controller. When it was redesigned for Xbox 360, the result was still underwhelming. In fact, it was quite a big issue. If you read players’ opinions on some of the games in which the D-pad really matters, for example, “is far cry 5 worth it,” you will see that the problems with Xbox’s older controllers caused quite a stir.

But most reviewers (among both amateur players and critics) agree that the new D-pad is much better than what Xbox offered before. It is now very convenient to keep the thumb on the D-pad throughout the game without the risk of using it by accident. It is a far cry from the ridiculously unsteady D-pad of the Xbox 360 controller.

The D-pad of Series X is not ideal – there are still tons of negative player reviews about it. But it shows that the company’s designers are capable of learning. Maybe the next installment will finally hit the mark perfectly.

#4 Designers Did Everything to Maximize Compatibility

One of the tasks that the designers of Series X had was to make sure that the new controller is compatible with other consoles, including those from older series. It is only fair that each new gadget or accessory the company produces pairs well with what players already have.

When working on the controller for Series X, the designers achieved this goal. The new controller is compatible with all older Xbox generations:

  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Xbox 360 E
  • Xbox 360 S
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox

Xbox has always cared about backward compatibility, and Series X is no exception. The designers have worked hard on reducing latency (how long it takes for the console to react to the player’s actions on the controller). They added Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) to make the connection as seamless as possible and cut the reaction time. So, the Series X controller reportedly thinks faster than its ancestors.

#5 The Color Palette Available is Broader Now

This may seem like a very surface-level upgrade, but what the controller looks like does matter to many players. After all, dedicated gamers spend hours with their consoles daily, and it is always a pleasant bonus when it is a treat for the eyes. Otherwise, putting stickers on electronics (including laptops, cellphones, and, well, consoles) would not be a thing.

Xbox’s designers surely think the same. They have added several new color options to Series X controllers available on the market. The newest ones are ‘electric volt,’ ‘pulse red,’ ‘shock blue,’ and ‘daystrike camo.’ They are all bright and playful, the way all controllers should be.

Final Thoughts

The Xbox Series X controller is better than anything the company’s designers have created so far. Compared to older controllers, it is covered with more comfortable material for a better grip and thumb protection. It has a decent D-pad, which was not the case for Xbox 360. Also, the designers have thought of accessibility, backward compatibility, and reducing latency. Finally, there are more colors to choose from. Although no controller will ever be perfect, Series X does get pretty close.