Xiaomi smartphones US 2017

Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra earlier hinted that the Chinese manufacturer was going to enter the United States and most consumers believed that the first products to be seen on shelves would naturally be smartphones. The company’s executive now explains that the reason why smartphones are taking longer than expected to enter this market is because the carriers have their own way of conducting smartphone tests compared to the rest of the globe.

Since Xiaomi phones will need to be compatible with U.S.-based carriers, such industry tests are going to be carried out in full swing before Xiaomi comes remotely close to entering this market.

However, Barra is positive that the change is going to be quick because he states that the company might enter the United States as early as 2017. Xiaomi is best known for manufacturing premium Android handsets that come with an insanely affordable prices but the lack of official presence in other countries makes it difficult for consumers to get their hands on these phones. The company recently unveiled its Mi Note 2, which features a dual-curved edge screen to rival the Note 7, as well as the beautifully made Mi Mix, which sports a screen-to-body ratio of 91.3 percent.


Speaking to the Engadget team, Barra has said the company’s plan to enter the United States:

“Earlier this year we had a special version of Mi 5 that we made just for testing in the US, just so that we can start testing and doing small-field trials to sharpen our chops, if you will. And now we have Mi Note 2 which is another device that we can use for some field testing in the US. That’s again just another small step in the right direction or in the direction of being able to launch full-on products there.”

It appears that the first phones to enter this market will be the ones featuring a Snapdragon 830.

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