Yourstotell promises a more intimate setting than mainstream platforms Instagram and Facebook, doing away with driven content and ads. Finally, an app that lets you tell your story your own way has arrived. Come check out our Yourstotell review and see what it has to offer.

Yourstotell: The Gist

Yourstotell is more digital album with cloud capabilities than a social media app, although there’s a connected aspect to it. You can control which users to let in your group, and the albums you create here can be organized per special moment or occasion.

Yourstotell screenshots

As a social media app, you can choose to allow viewers or block them, and the same goes for the people in your network. The trappings that come with driven content are refreshingly absent here- no ads, promoted posts and feeds from people you don’t know.

The Experience

We quickly got to work and downloaded the app, which is lightweight. It runs smoothly, and the interface is easy to understand as well. After inviting users in, we began creating albums using text, videos, and photos.

Uploading content from the smartphone is easy enough, and we like how you can create sub-sections to further organize things. You can also edit the title and add audio to further enrich the content. For friends or family members, you can set up a small family tree with pertinent details.

Yourstotell screenshots with iPhone

Connecting with friends is done the same way. Granular control comes in for each connected individual, which means you can choose whom to share your albums and photos with on every album. The fact that there are no ads is a welcome break, and you can stop scrolling after you’ve viewed all the content

Yourstotell has that advantage over digital albums in that you’re connected online to the people you care about. The moment you publish an album the others will see it (if they have access) and can start viewing the content.

The Verdict: Download Yourstotell App?

Yourstotell allows people to share special moments with a close group of friends or family members within an ad-free setting. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate to download Yourstotell.

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