YouTube Influencers and analyze channels

While video is being popularized and the YouTube social network is spreading, the demand for advertising in channels is growing more and more. I’ve already met articles about how to find YouTube Influencers. But that’s what I think about it. The main thing in advertising is its effectiveness and the ordinary contextual advertising for YouTube will not work, because lots of people either have AdBlock, or they simply ignore it.

So reading this article, you will find out:

  • What is important when choosing a channel for advertising;
  • How to select YouTube channels and advertise more efficiently;
  • How to analyze and compare channel activity.

Almost everyone writes that the main thing when choosing an account is the subject. Partially I agree. Yes, this is an important criterion. But even more important is to choose the subject of the video in which the advertisement will be placed. And of course its correct presentation is rather ponderable.

Placing advertising in channels of similar activity and subject (hereinafter, you will learn how to find and determine that) it became obvious that one of the main factors is the adaptation of advertising to the audience. Here is an example of how the publication was adapted:

The skill is that it does not seem as advertising, but as a report with useful information for subscribers. It is very desirable to give the obvious benefit to those who will watch it even if it is advertising. In addition, more YouTube channel owners will collaborate with you with higher interest.

That is, the scheme looks like this:

  • To determine what you want from a specific advertising campaign (sales, recognition, subscriptions);
  • To highlight the themes of the accounts where your audience can be located (if geo snapping is not so important);
  • Basing on this, you have to create advertising posts, to adapt it for a specific account (view the feed, analyze the publications which have received more likes and comments, so act like that). While reading the article you will learn how to analyze any channels on YouTube.

How to choose a YouTube channel for advertising

To select channels on YouTube according to your own criterion (topics, city, subscribers, etc.) you can use the catalog with filters:

  • ;

So what kind of instruments are you going to use if you need to search for the YouTube influencers or any other influencers who you are interested in? The best solution which you can find is to use a directory that lets you find targeted influencers.

There is a very convenient filtering system within it. Thus, you can very flexibly filter your influencers by any necessary criterion, and get the most suitable influencers at the output. Also you can track down how your influencers act on the micro-, macro-level, or maybe they power influencers eventually.

See here the filtering criteria:

See here the filtering criteria

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Choosing a quality channel what do you need to watch first?

  • The theme of the channel and relevance of your advertising post. It is better to view the feed and see which posts are the most interesting. You have to adapt your advertising post maximally to the style of the chosen site. To do this in a couple of clicks, you can use the analytics tool in social networks (You’ll see the details a little later).
  • Activity (number of likes and comments). That’s very bad if all the comments are in the spirit of “Wow”, “Class”, “Super”. This is a clearly screwed up account and there’s no benefit of placing ads in such a place.
  • Number of subscribers. It is much better to advertise in 3 target accounts with 50 thousand active subscribers than in 1 account with 300 thousand target subscribers. There will be more benefits. And the cost of accommodation will be nicer.
  • Placement time. Imagine yourself to be your target audience. When is it convenient for you to make the required from the advertising post action?

Next, it is very important to analyze the selected channels to understand how to adapt their advertising to the audience, in which channels that works better and when it is better to publish.

Analysis and comparison of activity of any YouTube channels

You can analyze any channel on YouTube in the tool. Although the main purpose of this service is the content analytics in social networks and the search for the best publications. But it can be useful in the much bigger range of tasks.

Now. Enter the tool, select the social network YouTube in the middle and add selected sites for analysis and comparison. When a site URL is inserted, you can download all of its videos, or you can define a period (there is a select period button to the left of the download button). It will be better to choose the same time period before downloading each account when compare several ones (for accuracy).

time period

After downloading the necessary accounts for the same period, you can go to the “Statistics” section, located at the top right (pictured above). Do that after you’ve seen the most popular and commented posts in these accounts in the main feed ?

As I downloaded the posts in three accounts in 270 days, it would be logical to assume that the graphs are based on the information for that period.

Average activity per week:

Average activity per week

Average value of subscribers’ actions (likes, comments) by days of the week and time of day.

Time of day

Useful information to determine the time of placement of an advertising post on YouTube.

The comparison of activity by likes, comments, views, and ER (engagement rate / total account activity):

engagement rate / total account activity



ERposts by day

ER posts by time

As can be seen from these metrics, in the analyzed channels the highest involvement is on Wednesday and Thursday (especially in the Late Late Show with James Corden and Indigo Traveller). The highest peak activity is about 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm. All the calculations have been carried out at your time zone. That is the best time to place your advertising on these channels.

Here you can find more details about how to view YouTube statistics of any channels and what kind of data can be obtained.

Relative activity

And more others metrics.

Summary table with the main metrics for channels on YouTube:

main metrics for channels on YouTube

Viewing of these indicators is additional. When you’ve been determined with the channels where you are going to give advertisements, it is important to analyze which videos have the highest involvement using filtering (when they were published and how they were designed). Basing on this data, start creating your advertisement or give a task to create it to the owner of the channel.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!