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YTD Video Downloader is an application which enables you to instantly download a video and audio files from the internet, via an unlimited download queue.

The app gives you access to a pretty well designed, fast web browser,which allows you to visit websites where files may be downloaded from. However, YTD Video Downloader make it very clear that YouTube downloading is not a practise that is allowed. You can watch YouTube videos via the app, but you won’t be able to download them.

The browser allows you to manage and bookmark certain web pages, and also gives you the ability to share URLs via email.


Easy, Instant Downloads

YTD Video Downloader makes media downloading simple, and manageable. All downloads can be paused or cancelled, and you even get to view the estimates time left of the download.

As previously mentioned, the download queue is unlimited, so you can go ahead and download as many files as you like, and then manage their progression the “Downloads” section.

Once downloaded, you can categorize your files into playlists, rename them, sort them by size,date and so forth. You can even play your video or audio files right from the app itself.

Other features include restricting downloads to Wifi only to avoid costly data charges, password protection and 7 different language options.


YTD Video Downloader Design & Interface

YTD Video Downloader is an extremely simple application, giving you the ability to download media, in a very straight-forward fashion. There aren’t any flashy advertisements, nor are the menus and app screens very decorative.

All buttons, menus and interfaces are neat, but don’t offer much in terms of aesthetics. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as many users will be happier downloading files with an interface which is minimalist. The absence of banner advertisements also helps.

Browsing through the app, and also across the Internet with YTD Video Downloader’s web browser, is also very fast and pleasantly easy.

Final Remarks

Overall, YTD Video Downloader provides an extremely simple, yet very efficient way of downloading, managing and consuming both video and audio files from the Internet.

There is no longer a need to download files to your computer before moving them to your device, nor is there a need to move files to third-party media players. YTD Video Downloader does it all – and it does it quite well.

Some users may find the lack of YouTube support frustrating, but rules are rules. Thankfully, YTD Video Downloader works on pretty much every other website.

Download YTD Video Downloader from Google Play on Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.