While typing on the iPad’s virtual keyboard can be fun at times, it’s often hard to use for an extended period of time when writing articles and essays. If you often find yourself thinking the same thing, it may be time to purchase an external keyboard for your tablet device. At the moment, my favorite tablet keyboard is the ZaggKeys Flex. Below, I will be sharing my full thoughts on the keyboard in my full review.


The ZaggKeys Flex is compatible with most Android and iOS tablets. While the ZaggKeys Flex has support for both tablet OSes, the ZaggKeys have a ton of Android-specific keys which aren’t of much use to iOS users. One nice feature of the keyboard is that there is a switch on the back which allows you to change between Android and iOS key layouts. As of now, the ZaggKeys do not work with Macs and PCs.

The ZaggKeys are also very comfortable to type on. The keys feel a lot like a MacBook keyboard because of their raised, chicklet design. This allows for easy, fast and accurate typing especially for those used to the Apple style keyboards.


Finally, the ZaggKeys Flex comes with a high quality stand/carrying case. When used as a stand, most tablets including my iPad 2, new iPad and HP TouchPad are able to stay in an upright position which is ideal for watching movies and looking at your screen while typing. This stand also functions as a case for the ZaggKeys when traveling.

All in all, I think the ZaggKeys Flex are perfect for anyone on the hunt for an external wireless keyboard for their iPad or Android tablet. While the price is a bit steep at $79.99 for an iPad accessory, the accuracy and design of the ZaggKeys remain untouched by other tablet keyboards I’ve tested. If you would like to buy one for yourself, head over to Zagg’s official website.