Zeek Android App

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Zeeek is a creative runner game revolving around the world of music. Evil ‘Silencios’ wish for a quiet world, and it’s your job to save the sound. It’s a little rough around the edges, but Midgar Studios have done a good job.

The story line is pretty simple. Beings named Silencios are out to steal the world of sound, whilst Zeeek looks to collect as many musical notes as he possibly can, destroying hundreds of Silencios in the process.

The game begins with a short tutorial, explaining the jump, double jump and attack moves which all come in handy at different points in the frantic gameplay. Spelling and grammatical errors in the tutorial reduce the polish on the game, but it’s not the end of the world – so to speak.

Zeek Android App

Zeeek is a speedy runner, and although it start off slow, you have three separate speed options in Normal, Expert & Speed Expert. The latter option proves to be insanely fast, and adds a great deal of fun & mayhem to an already entertaining game.

As you progress through each level, you’ll need to dodge obstacles, jump over holes in the ground, smash through barriers and destroy Silencios. Your main aim however, it to collect as many musical notes as possible along the way. As you collect, dodge and destroy, you’ll be awarded points which po-up on the screen after each action.

Midgar Studio have managed to pack in a decent amount of content into Zeeek, making the price a fair reflection of the amount of levels included, The added difficulty options only adds to Zeeek’s replayability.

Zeek Android App

Zeeek’s visuals are less enticing than it’s addictive gameplay. The backgrounds seen within each level are cute and creative, but won’t be raising any eyebrows for those solely interested in high standards of graphical content. Zeek has it’s strong points, but visuals are not from amongst them.

The levels reflect Icy, hot and mild climates, ensuring plenty of variety throughout the game, which is always a nice touch.

Additionally, online leader boards provide an added incentive for players, as your scores will be recorded and matched against Zeeek players from across the world.

Overall, Zeeek is a fun, fast-paced runner game with a lot to offer in terms of addictive gameplay. The level of content available is good, but below-par graphics and spelling errors diminish it’s shine.

Zeeek is available on the Google Play store working on most Android devices (varies depending on device).