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iTeacherBook iPhone App Review

August 9, 2015 |


Even though summer vacation might still last a while longer, some teachers out there will have to start preparing for the next year already. It can be hard dealing with a new class, new people, maybe even teaching a … Read More

Virtual Tennis – Hit The Ball! iPhone App Review

August 9, 2015 |


It can be great going out the door and playing some sports, but sometimes you just want to stay inside instead and curl up with your favorite games. If you still want to feel like you’re doing something active, … Read More

Game It iPhone App

August 9, 2015 |


While there are a lot of trivia apps around, there are few that are as rewarding and as fun as Game It. Designed for the customer and completely free of charge, it offers people around the world discounts or … Read More

Disco Run iPhone App Review

August 9, 2015 |


From Temple Run to Subway Surfers—we’ve seen a lot of games in this genre and for good reason. They’re really fun! Today we’re featuring another app that’s designed with the same mechanics, but this one does stand out with … Read More

September 9 Apple Event: iPhone 6s, New Apple TV, More

August 8, 2015 |

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 9 and the venue will probably be San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center. Tim Cook will kick off the company’s Fall Apple Event at 10am sharpish. Expect news, big news about the iPhone 6s, … Read More

New in iOS 9 Beta 5, Download the New iOS 9 Wallpapers!

August 7, 2015 |

While OS X El Capitan Beta (link below) development seems to wrapping up, Apple is still tweaking, as well as adding new features to its mobile operating system. iOS 9 Beta 5 [Build 13A4325c] has been seeded to developers … Read More

Party!Party!Party! – iOS Review

August 7, 2015 | 1


Party!Party!Party! is the new application from ex Rockstar dev Mike Currington. It is a free to play iOS game that breathes new life into the classic Japanese game of Bridges. The player must solve the increasingly difficult puzzle levels … Read More

Galaxy Note 5 Photos, Specs: Solid Competitor with Omissions

August 5, 2015 |

The Galaxy S6 set the trend and now the Galaxy Note 5 follows along in form. That is, the Note 5 following the styling of the S6, and won’t include either a removable battery or SD card slot. And, … Read More

Thunderstrike 2 Targets Mac Firmware, Seen in the Wild

August 4, 2015 | 2

Are you running OS X 10.11 El Capitan Beta? At least for the moment, you don’t have to worry about Thunderstrike 2, a new and actually virulent bit o’ malware. Thunderstrike 2 infects peripheral device and Mac firmware, and … Read More

The Lost Treasure Island – iOS Review

August 3, 2015 | 1


The Lost Treasure Island is a first person puzzle survivalist adventure game from Project One Games. It begins with the player swimming to shore after apparently crash landing on a deserted treasure island, wherein which the player must solve … Read More

iPhone 6s Display, Force Touch Details Revealed

August 2, 2015 |

In a bit more than a month, Apple will reveal its 2015 iPhone update. In the meantime, Tapscape has iPhone 6s rumors, leaks and speculation. The latest out of Apple’s ever leaky China supply are trio of photos of … Read More

Galaxy S6 Discount Coming, Samsung Results Disappoint [u]

July 30, 2015 |

Apple’s number competitor delivered disappointing results and faces a touch second half 2015. Regardless, Samsung is promising to fight back by producing more Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones and by giving buyers a healthy, but as yet undetermined Galaxy S6 … Read More

10 Million Rock Apple Music, T-Mobile Streams It Free

July 29, 2015 |

Surprise! Apple Music, at least for the moment, is a big success. And, if you are still running your iPhone, or Samsung, Moto, HTC, KG or whatever, on Verizon or AT&T, you probably should look into either Sprint or, … Read More

Moodsy – Share Your Emotions

July 28, 2015 | 1


Moodsy is a social media app available on iOS. It works as a sort of amalgamation of Snapchat and Twitter, allowing the user to communicate through short, expressive picture messages that they can share with their network, alongside an … Read More

360 Security – Android Review

July 28, 2015 |


360 Security – Antivirus FREE is a free antivirus software downloadable as an app for your android device. It promises to speed up your device by ‘cleaning it up’ – removing temporary files and the such – as well … Read More

Shocking Stagefright Hack Affects 95% of All Android Devices

July 27, 2015 |

While it is true that any computer, and smartphones are computers, can be hacked, some hacks are both frighteningly easy and powerful. Although details about Stagefright won’t be presented publicly until next month’s Blackhat and DEF CON conferences, versions … Read More

iPad mini 4 to Be iPad Air Clone, Says Rumor

July 27, 2015 |

Isn’t the iPad mini 3 already thin enough? For any normal person or company, yes, but this is Apple we are talking about. The latest rumors out of Asia indicate the upcoming iPad mini 4 will take more than … Read More

Apple Back to School 2015: Buy a Mac, Get Beats

July 25, 2015 |

The long wait for the Apple Back to School promo is over and it’s, well, not what most had been hoping for. In previous years, Apple offered $100 Apple gift cards to educational Mac buyers, as well as $50 … Read More

Battery Forecaster 2 iPhone App Review

July 23, 2015 |


If there’s one thing that’s frustrating, it’s when your phone is about to die. Even after charging up your phone to full battery it can sometimes happen that your phone is completely depleted of energy within a couple hours. … Read More

Buckitdream iPhone App Review

July 23, 2015 |


We’ve truly seen a surge of social networks for iPhones and iPads, from video communities to social games—I think it’s wonderful there is still so much inspiration for people to get closer together. If there’s a thing that social … Read More

VisaPort iPhone App Review

July 23, 2015 |


Going on vacation is a great thing, but it can be a great nuissance getting all your things in order. Especially when visiting other continents or need to fix additional files for getting over there, it would be great … Read More

New in iOS 9 Beta 4: New Handoff, 2015 iPod touch Support, More

July 23, 2015 |

Life in the fast lane. Apple has pushed iOS 9 Beta 4 to developers and there are updated, tweaked and just plain new things to discuss. For example, Home Sharing has returned and there is a new low-cost device … Read More

Q3 Apple Results: Tim Cook Is Feeling Very Bullish

July 22, 2015 |

Tim Cook’s Cupertino crew again delivered diamond studded, solid gold third fiscal quarter Apple results, though the haters are sure to carp the Apple Watch only contributed an estimated $1 billion. The company’s iPhone and Mac product lines continue … Read More

Here’s What You Need to Know About Choosing Antivirus Software

July 21, 2015 |

Computer viruses are no joke, and thanks to the Internet, they can spread through computers around the world in a matter of minutes. That means that if you go on the Internet from a home computer, you need antivirus protection. … Read More

Apple Rumors: iPhone 6s, 2015 iMac, iPad Air 3?, iPad mini 4!

July 20, 2015 |

I went outside today for 10 minutes today and then took a 20 minute shower to wash it off. Summer, in all it’s hot sticky glory, has arrived. Better to say inside, where the air is cool and the … Read More

2015 iPod touch Review: 5X Faster, Still No Contract

July 18, 2015 | 7

The iPod is dead! Long live the iPod touch! While Apple is dressing its 2015 iPod product line in five fresh new colors, only the 2015 iPod touch has been truly upgraded. With its A8 processor and M8 graphics … Read More

GoEuro – Android Review

July 17, 2015 |


GoEuro is a UK and Europe centric app that allows the user to quickly and easily acess information about trains, buses and airfares – as well as book them from inside the app. This app is also available on … Read More

CannaSOS – Android Review

July 17, 2015 |


CannaSOS is a social marijuana resource for cannabis experts and enthusiasts that provides education, strain information, statistics, medical research, directory of doctors and dispensaries of medical cannabis worldwide. It allows users to search for local stores, check over 1000 … Read More

Happy2Print – iOS Review

July 17, 2015 |


Happy2Print is a free iOS application that is also available on the Android store.Below, we will be reviewing the iOS version. Happy2Print allows smartphone users to print more easily directly from their smartphone to their printer.

What does … Read More

Prizap – iOS Review

July 17, 2015 | 1


Prizap is an shopping and money saving application available on iOS and Android. The iOS version will be reviewed in this article. Prizap allows users to search the web for the best deals on specific products, find flash sales … Read More

Up! Alarm Clock – iOS Review

July 17, 2015 |


Up! Alarm Clock is a application that allows you to get up feeling more awake and refreshed. Unlike with other similar applications, Up! does not require you to keep the device plugged in or to put it under your … Read More

Weather Point 2.0 – Kickstarter Project

July 17, 2015 |


New York based start-up Mind Lab Solution announced it is going to build the smallest weather station in the world. Weather Point 2.0 is an individual keychain weather device that measures temperature, humidity, UV index and atmospheric pressure on … Read More