So, Apple can’t innovate anymore, right? Although nothing will shut the naysayers up, smartphone performance tests from Anand Lal Shimpi, the benchmark source for unbiased reviews, should ā€” the iPhone 5S is the fastest smartphone and not by a little.

“The dual-core A7 is now the fastest SoC we’ve tested under SunSpider, even outpacing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and ARM’s Cortex A15,” writes Shimpi on his AnandTech blog. “Apple doesn’t quite hit the 2x increase in CPU performance here, but it’s very close at a 75 percent performance increase compared to the iPhone 5.”

And, the year-old iPhone 5 is still among the top performers, which underscores just how far ahead Apple’s chip engineering really is.

But rather than bore you with words, here are Anand’s results.

Fastest Smartphone: iPhone 5S Runs the Table


So, you’d like to aver that Apple’s A7 doesn’t run the table because Intel’s latest Bay Trail Atom beats it on two of the tests, right? Not really, because you can’t actually buy a Bay Trail Z3770-powered tablet let alone smartphone.

“The A7 SoC is seriously impressive,” writes Anand in his conclusion. “The A7’s GPU performance is also insanely good – more than enough for anything you could possibly throw at the iPhone 5s today, and fast enough to help keep this device feeling quick for a while.”

Fastest Smartphone: Emotional Numbers

When Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Nokia et al spit out lists of bullet-pointed features, all of which appear to be better than the iPhone 5S, you really need to think again ā€” the A7 is a dual-core chip and beats the pants off every quad-core mobile processor in the above tests.

That said, performance is only one reason to buy a smartphone. However, if you want the world’s fastest smartphone, there’s only one and that’s the iPhone 5Sā€¦

What’s your take?

Via: BusinessInsider