Google Glass

Google Glass

Heads up technology fans, Google Glass is making it’s way to your holiday shopping list.  Plans are to release the augmented reality eye wear by the end of 2013.  Will you be wearing your next smart [phone?] on your face?

What Is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a fairly normal looking, by today’s standards, pair of eye glasses.  They do more than your prescription lenses however.  Take pictures, record video, check weather, search the Internet, all with simple voice commands.  You can get directions, or have a video chat with family or friends.

All of this is seen through a heads up display (HUD) powered by Android.  And Explorer version of Glass allows you to snap the display on a normal pair of glasses.  Simple commands instruct Glass what to do.  Glass is also favorable to not only Android phones, but iOS devices as well.  No mention of tethering to the new Blackberry 10 or Windows Phone.

Google Glass will not come cheap, costing developers around $1500.00.  That’s the same price of the 4G version of Google’s Pixel Chromebook.  That price may drop somewhat by the time Glass hits the shelves.  Can’t wait until then?  Head on over to Google+ and tell Google what you would do if you had Google Glass.  you may be chosen to test the new device.

Is Google Glass the Future?

With smartphones getting larger with each new iteration, it seems like bigger is better.  But think of a day when you could truly be hands free; integrating all the features of a smartphone into a small device clipped on a pair of glasses.  That is mobile computing is all about.  And while you may look a little like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie at first, acceptance will be quick among the masses in my opinion.  Soon we’ll see stylish frames in different colors, appealing to just about anyone.

Wearable computing has always been talked about, and I’m glad to see it finally become clear, through the eyes of Google Glass.

Is Google Glass a vision for your future?  Sound off in the comments below.