Griffin Travel Power Bank

It was bound to happen. Griffin designed a power bank that can provide added battery juice on-the-go for your Apple Watch.

The Griffin Power Bank is a dedicated source of battery power for your Apple Watch. If it happens that the battery of your Apple Watch is not enough for a day’s use and you cannot find a nearby power outlet then the Griffin Power Bank is perfect for you.

This device packs an 800mAh battery when fully charged. Therefore, it can fully charge your Apple Watch four times over. The Griffin Power Bank has a suggested retail price of $70 and is slated for release in the second quarter of 2016.

The Griffin Power Bank has a built-in magnetic charging disc so you don’t need the official Apple Watch cable to charge using it. To recharge the power bank, you simply need to use its micro-USB to plug it in.

The device is extremely handy due to its miniscule size. You can even attach a keyring to it and connect it to a hook or let it join your set of keys. This also helps in preventing from losing the power bank.

Griffin Watch Bands

Aside from the power bank, Griffin is also designing watch bands for Apple Watch. In the third quarter of 2016, the Uptown Leather Band and Trainer Watch Band will be made available at $60 and $40, respectively.

The Uptown Leather Band is a stylish double-wrap leather band that matches all 38mm Apple Watch models. It comes with a metal buckle with gold, silver, or rose gold detail. This watch band will be available in toffee/gold, black/silver, ecru/rose gold, and seafoam/silver.

Griffin Uptown Watch Bands.jpg

The Trainer Watch Band is a silicone band crafted for workouts and sports. It is compatible with 42mm Apple Watch models. It will be out in black, white, red, and blue color options.

Griffin Trainer Watch Bands

H/T: Griffin