But hardly in the majority as a beefy plurality actually likes it. No accounting for sense? Or taste? In truth, there are plenty of good reasons to both love and hate iTunes 11, because it all depends on how you use it.

Not a huge survey, mind you, but Macworld UK queried more than 650 users and found that, of the 80 percent that had made the upgrade, 21 percent “hate” iTunes 11. Or, put the other way ’round, 79 percent didn’t.

That said, 44.7 percent said that they love iTunes 11, which is well under a majority, yet a healthy plurality nonetheless. In general, the professional reviewers agree with the overall conclusion — iTunes is a big improvement, especially the user interface, navigation and greatly improved Mini Player.

Though unwilling to proclaim undying love for the upgrade, I’ve been enjoying the new keyboard shortcuts.

iTunes 11 Hate

The people who don’t like, or can’t be made to care about, iTunes 11 are quite often post PC — it just isn’t relevant for those that spend most of their time on an iPad or iPhone. The other constituency among the haters is the curmudgeonly, the folks who miss the “burn to disk” button or some other forgotten legacy feature.

Bugs were off putting, too, with 18-plus percent saying issues influenced their opinion. However, Macworld UK’s survey was collected before the release of iTunes 11.0.1, which squashes many of the outstanding bugs and, this is the good part, brings back the show duplicates feature.

Burn to disk, really? Strange that anyone would mourn those endlessly scratchable plastic platters…

What’s your take?

  • [anonymous]

    I Just miss cover flow. And why does the menu bar have to be so ugly looking on the new iTunes if you enable it. There is also a horrible bug when updating apps. When on the screen with all updates, if I want to see more information, I would click on the app’s logo. This takes me to the app’s page. One there, on iTunes 10 there would be an update button where the download button would be. Now on 11, when the page loads, all I see is a downloaded sign as if the app had no update. This means I have to go back to the screen with all updateable apps just to update them. And no I will not update them jut on my phone and transfer the purchases. It’s annoying.

  • Lar

    I like iTunes 11, and I think it is a huge improvement over the previous versions.

    I have v11.01 installed. For App updates, click the “Check for Updates” button at the bottom of the window. If updates are available, iTunes will display the updated app icons on the “My App Updates” page. From here, you can choose to download each updated app separately or all at once.

    To get app update information, click an app icon and iTunes will display the app’s page on the App Store. The app’s page download button is grayed-out; however, it’s not necessary since the download buttons already appear on your My App Updates page (just click the back arrow).

    I think the removal of the burn to disk button helps keep the new interface uncluttered with seldom used features. However, the capability to burn to disk is still exists. Just select a playlist then “Burn Playlist to Disc” under the File menu. You can also choose “Burn Playlist to Disc” by right-clicking on the selected playlist, or by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the Playlist column.

  • dbolander

    I’d like to see iTunes push toward even greater minimalism. iOS apps should not be managed through iTunes. On a Mac, it would make more sense if all apps, regardless of platform were handled by the App Store app.

    Much innovation is being held back because they’re trying to cater to a monolithic application used by a Windows-installed user base.

  • Franklin D. Mint

    Big fan of the new iTunes. I’m hoping Apple get deeper under the hood with the next big update.

  • Dave C

    iTunes 11 is just fine. The iOS Remote App was updated too and is a must have app if you stream music through out you home.

  • TechBell

    Hate the skin, looks cheap. Why can’t Apple’s apps share the same look as Safari? Or even allow customization? Icons are too small.

  • SirDancelot

    I use multiple windows extensively. Why take it away? Nobody is forced to use multiiple windows.

  • Russ


  • tsw004

    I just want them to re-instate the option to have the column browser on the left. It’s stupid having it above the main window as you can only see a few rows, especially as most people now have widescreen monitors. Whatever ‘genius’ at Apple decided on that one clearly needs to re-take ‘user interface design 101’. I’m not a fan of the new search drop down menu either, it’s too fussy and I prefer the old search where results were displayed in the main window.

  • rmx77

    I don’t happen to like itunes 11 either because i found that if an album has songs that has a featuring artist itunes puts those in a separate set of songs for the album. thus making 2 sets of songs for one album one set being the main artist’s songs and the second set being the featuring artists songs. whoever thought it was a good idea to do that should rethink that and fix it so all the songs are under the same album or artist since when you search for an artist u will get maybe 4 or 5 songs of the say 10 or 11 which is stupid. put them all back where they belong under one heading and with the album.

  • Anonymous

    iTunes 11 now requires a person to login just to listen to the radio! They never had that feature with the older versions. UGH.