Closer it turns, tweak by tweak, fix by fix… Cupertino’s code monkeys have pushed a fresh seed of iOS 7.1 to developers and, yes, there is new stuff. Apple’s next interim mobile system release is gonna be big with user interface tweaks, bug fixes and new functionality.

But, a quick recap of what we know is coming in iOS 7.1. First, it is believed that this update won’t ship until March, though that is perhaps much an open question now.

Next, iOS 7.1 will deliver user interface tweaks to make it easier to use and interact with. That is, one of the more salient complaints about iOS 7 is that it’s too flat, meaning that there aren’t enough contextual clues (i.e. shading? skeuomorphism?).

Closer it turns, tweak by tweak, fix by fix… Cupertino's code monkeys have pushed a fresh seed of iOS 7.1 to developer and, yes, there is new stuff.
Shift enabled to the left, shift disabled in middle, caps lock enabled to the right

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Other UI tweaks include the Slide to Unlock screen and button shapes, as well as updated colors/shading in the Phone, FaceTime and Messages apps.

Another addition is iOS in the Car, which extends iOS integration control in compatible cars. Various sources report that Apple has increased the functionality delivered by iOS in the Car and they speculate that this feature will arrive sooner rather than in iOS 8, coming next Fall.

That said, iOS 7.1 includes a “Car Display” toggle that controls what functionality is currently available in the beta.

iOS 7.1 Beta 5 Changes

Apple’s latest mobile operating system update beta seed to developers includes new more natural sounding Siri voices for Australian, Japanese, Chinese and that language the Brits speak. The default install of iOS 7.1 ships with a compact version of Siri and users get the improved (high-quality) voices once they activate the feature.

iOS 7.1 Beta also includes a number of subtle user interface tweaks that build upon changes rolled out in earlier developer seeds.

Also, today’s update also includes Xcode 5.1 Developer Preview 5 and a fresh Apple TV dev seed.

Lastly, while nothing’s certain until Apple delivers, in the past, closely spaced developer betas has signaled an imminent public release. Beta 4 arrived last week and Beta 5 this.

Perhaps we don’t have long to wait now…

What’s your take?

Via MacRumors