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iPad Mini Release Date Looms, May Further Widen Gap Between Samsung And Apple Tablet Sales



Samsung is easily Apple’s biggest competitor. They’ve come up with some really amazing devices that have gone toe to toe with the reigning smartphone champion, Apple’s iPhone. And while the company’s phones are selling like crazy, how are their tablets doing? And what does coming iPad Mini release date mean for the South Korean company?

According to a recent report from CNET, Apple tablets have a significantly wide margin against Samsung’s products. The ongoing patent trials between the two tech giants have revealed that Samsung has only sold 1.4 million units of its various Galaxy Tab variants versus the 34 million iPads moved by Apple in the US:

“Indeed, Samsung appears to have peaked early with the original Galaxy Tab, which benefited when it launched because it was one of the few Android tablets in the market and the only real alternative to the original iPad. In total, Samsung sold 725,000 units and generated $325 million.

“Things got worse from there. The Galaxy Tab 10.1, which Apple claims looks too similar to its iPad, sold only 585,000 units, while the LTE version sold a paltry 127,000 units. While Samsung launched a few other sizes under the Tab line, their results weren’t disclosed in the court documents. In total, the Tab line that was disclosed generated $644 million in revenue since late 2010, a drop in the bucket for a massive conglomerate such as Samsung.”

iPad Mini Release Date Tablet sales

Things may even shift more in Apple’s favor when the iPad Mini, the rumored 7-inch variant of the iPad line, hits the market. The iPad Mini release date is currently rumored to be sometime in September and is expected to debut alongside the iPhone 5. Response to the iPad Mini rumors has been mostly positive, with a lot of fans looking forward to its smaller size and its competitive $250 price tag.

Be sure to check back for more updates on the iPad Mini release date, features and other rumors!