The iPhone 4S was announced on Tuesday to overwhelming reactions of disappointment from fans at the lack of a redesign. Despite the negative press, Reuters are reporting that AT&T are already seeing record levels of preorders with over 200,000 made in the first 12 hours of sale alone. Despite the negative press, a spokesman from the company said they were experiencing “extraordinary demand”.

AT&T are saying this is the “most successful iPhone launch we’ve ever had”. The iPhone 4S is also available on wireless carriers Sprint and Verizon, so the total number of presales is going to be considerably higher.

Apple’s international stores, including those in Australia, Canada, Japan and Western Europe also begun taking preorders on Friday the 7th of October.

Data has not yet been released on the total number of iPhone 4S preorders taken worldwide, but the numbers are likely to far exceed the 600,00o preorders made for the iPhone 4 in the first 24 hours of sale.