Author: Shaun Campbell

Be Swift, Stay Afloat in Balloons Ninja for iOS

Balloons Ninja iphone app review

Balloons Ninja is an arcade-style action game published by Space Crescent. The game features Sho, a quick and nimble ninja in-training. You must move ‘like shadow’ and jump into the air carried by a balloon. But balloons cannot…

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Bunker Buster iOS Game Review

Bunker Buster iPhone game

Bunker Buster is an endless-bomber game for iOS published by Humanoid Mobile. I’ll say from the outset that this game comes across as a work in progress. There’s a few things that Bunker Buster gets right, and a…

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Scribo is a Fast-Paced Head-to-Head Word Game

Scribo iOS app review

Published by Light Pillar, Scribo is a fast-paced and fun ‘Head to Head Word Challenge’ game for iOS devices. In a similar vein to Words with Friends, the objective of Scribo is to make the highest-scoring words you can within the…

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Create Heat Maps and Visualise Data with GEOVisual App


Published by GISimple, GEOVisual is an iOS app that enables you to generate unique map-overlay visualisations that give you insight and new perspective on data. There’s been a lot of hype and hyperbole surrounding the possibilities of Big Data, but…

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Camera Settings

Camera settings

No matter how good your camera is, you can only take great photos once you learn how to operate it properly. Follow these four tips for choosing the right settings for your camera. Even a little information can…

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Audials Lets You Play and Record Digital Radio on Android

Audials Radio Android app

Audials Radio Player Recorder is an Android app from Audials that features access to a staggering 80,000 digital radio stations from 120 different genres. Audials allows you to access a huge amount of radio content all from within the…

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MyRoute for iOS Helps you Save Time and Fuel

MyRoute iOS app

MyRoute is a navigation-focused iOS app developed by MyRouteOnline – route planner app. The app is not designed to replace your main navigation app (i.e Google), but rather to help you load in waypoints/multiple stops on a journey. Whilst it…

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Breakthrough Starshot to Send Spacecraft to Alpha Centauri

Breakthrough Starshot

Breakthrough Starshot is an ambitious $100m project with the aim of sending a small spacecraft to Alpha Centauri.  The project is headed by an all-star team including leading physicist Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg sits…

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Surround Yourself with Positivity on Cheery Network for iOS

Cheery Network iOS app

Published by Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Cheery Network has a tag-line of “share what’s positive” and it’s that motto which sets this social networking app for iOS apart. Cheery Network is an app that’s designed to reinforce positivity through not just…

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4 Types of Data That Need Secure Storage

electronic health record

Today, data is a commodity more valuable than precious metals. With the right data set, you can transform your business from last place to an industry leader. Unfortunately, this means there are unscrupulous actors trying to take data…

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