The Wall Street Journal spoke today about an interesting new technology that the iPhone 5 display may incorporate. Apparently, Apple has rethought the structure of the touch panel and in order to slim down the screen and most probably, the whole device, it resorted to a new touch concept.

The technology rumored to be used for the iPhone 5 display integrates an in-cell method for the touch interface, which basically imbues the extra sensor layer right in the LCD panel. This sensor foil was found above the display and now that manufacturers no longer need it, we should prepare for a slimmer touch panel.

As researchers say, the in-cell system should trim 0.5 millimeters and give the smartphone spare place for a larger battery or anything else that designers could think of. Another viable option, also backed-up by the latest rumors, is to leave the device slimmer than the current model on the market. iphone 5 display

Although a half of millimeter doesn’t sound much, when comparing this extra room with the display size of the iPhone 4S, it would mean a 15% adjustment, more than enough to accommodate a LTE friendly battery.

Via: WSJ