There was much confusion on Tuesday at Apple’s iPhone event when following the announcement of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, one small detail was left out – pre-orders. The theme continued, with Apple’s website seemingly showing the device as unavailable, leaving many wondering if pre-ordering was even an option and it would instead be a case of joining the queue at the closest Apple Store.


However, it appears the iPhone 5C will be available for pre-order, and you best get your credit cards ready and set the alarm clock, because pre-orders for the new device are set to go live on Friday September 13th at 12:01 am Pacific Time.

Although, it’s not Apple that has released this information, it actually comes from Verizon and Sprint who have both posted pre-order information to their website. Despite Apple not making any indication of their own, in the past they have tied in with what the carriers are doing anyway, so expect the store to go live today for pre-orders at some point.

The website doesn’t specify anything about the iPhone 5S, however, but that would tie up with the rumour that the iPhone 5S will not be offered for pre-order, and will instead only be available on launch day next Friday 20th September in an Apple Store.

iPhone 5C Pre-Order

It’s unclear why Apple have yet to disclose pre-order availability, perhaps it’s to add to the exclusivity of these handsets? Or perhaps it’s to drive up the hype? Either way, the iPhone 5C now has a pre-order date for all those itching to spend your hand earned money on Apple’s new cheaper iPhone.

If you need a full rundown of the differences between the devices, head on over to our comparison.

Let us know in the comments section which device you’re going for, and if you have pre-ordered the iPhone 5C what the experience was like.