iPhone 6

iPhone 6

A new report by previously accurate Japanese blog Macotakara is saying Apple’s working on a new iPhone 6 polycarbonate edition that will be much cheaper, at $330 unsubsidised, heavier and possibly house last generation performance specs. The report says Apple is looking into ways to open in emerging and developing markets, and a polycarbonate iPhone 6 has been suggested and could be in the works right now, for a 2014 release.

Instead of the typical iPhone Mini rumour, Macotakara says Apple will push the iPhone 6 screen to 4.5-inches and the phone will be heavier than the iPhone 5. The body will apparently resemble the old plastic curved iPhone’s but with a HTC touch and feel. This plan to take a step back may be good for emerging markets, but it would speak a lot about Apple’s new intuitive to keep stock rising and keep profits surging, something Jobs wouldn’t have liked if it meant overall quality dropping.

Apple has been hit with numerous quotes saying within a few years, they will be toast, despite the $150 billion they have saved up for a rainy day. If worst comes to worst, they could just buy Facebook or Intel or Sony. The stock does show Apple could have a serious problem, with the drop from $700 a pop to $444 in a matter of months. Some analysts say it is due to a “lack of innovation” from Cupertino.

iPhone 6 and iOS7 could reboot the company, with Jonny Ive working on both the hardware and software for the smartphone now with his team. This is a big change for the software side, and could lead to a completely reinvention of the operating system to outmatch Android. We believe that the iPhone 6 will come in a range, with a larger smartphone, a same sized 4-inch model and possibly an iPhone Mini.

Apple has been quick to denounce rumours of any big smartphone changes, something that is continuing to worry the stockholders. With the new Apple TV, iWatch and hybird MacPad being rumoured, could Apple be saving some goodies for this year?

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