Amazon has been making a lot of noise since Apple announced the iPad mini. Fundamentally, they are trying get in as many sales as they can before Apple’s 8-inch tablet officially goes on sale on Friday, November 2. However, the judicious application of skepticism and a red pen shows the Kindle Fire HD vs iPad mini comparison is actually lopsided, but not in the way shopzilla makes it seem.

A judicious application of skepticism and a red pen show's the Kindle Fire HD vs iPad mini comparison is anything but lopsided.

The above edited version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD vs iPad mini comparison comes courtesy of the good folks at iMore. As you can see, Apple’s smaller tablet, which has a lot more screen real estate than Amazon’s, is far from deficient.

That said, the only addition to iMore’s edit that I can think to add is the fact that the Kindle Fire HD’s “dual stereo speakers,” according to scores of professional and user reviews, sound quite awful. Go to Best Buy, or wherever fine electronics are sold near you, and hear for yourself.

For what it’s worth, neither Kindle nor iPad fans should get their knickers in a twist over any of this. Fundamentally, these are two entirely different products designed for very different types of users.

Moreover, as abundantly shown above, the Kindle Fire HD is only for that small subset of users willing and able to live with a shopping and media consumption device that is only fully functional in a tiny handful of countries. Try harder, Amazon…

What’s your take?

  1. Not even worth a thoughtful comment as their minds are already made up that the iPad is the best. But I will point this out. If u want to save a whole lot of money, get the Kindle HD. It has Amazon Prime on it. You can stream a lot of movies for free, borrow books and keep them as long as u need to finish them, get free music, and get free two-day shipment on anything that is sold by Amazon with the Prime tag on it. That by itself put the Kindle fire ahead of the ipad.

  2. Unless what? You live outside the US. And, don’t forget your starting point for saving “a whole lot of money” is $199 + $75. A deal? Not…

  3. Latest OS upgrades for 2 generations (Apple)

    Abandoned by manufacturer when next version comes out (Amazon)

    Runs Kindle, and Nook applications

  4. …with cellular option

    For extra money, not including the cost of the cellular plan.

    Over 250,000 tablet apps

    Whose controls will be 20% smaller than on the iPad. iSandpaper for your fingers is $29.99.

  5. You’d pay $75 for Amazon Prime (and movies) on the mini iPad. That makes no sense to trash is because it’s +$75 with either device. There is no better option for streaming content on iStore. Think before you type.

    I think the devices are the same basically. I’ve used both and there are relatively few apps that I use on a iPad (mini or not) that Android doesn’t have now. And anyone who says they are using an iPad mini for “Computing” is lying. It’s a consumer device, just the same as the Fire. But it’s $150 more.

  6. Why even argue over this? Apple is a much better product than the Kindle and always will be. Whoever wants to save money and get less of a product will get the Fire HD. Whoever wants the real deal will buy the ipad mini, it’s that simple. You pay for what you get and you’re getting nothing but quality with apple like you do with all their products. Hopefully, the ipad mini wins a good % of the market share back for all tablets that entered into the market. I actually hope they put everyone else out of business who are making tablets.

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