Nest Thermostat May Soon Be Sold On Google Play

Google acquired the company behind the Nest learning thermostat in January of this year and now it appears as though the company will begin to sell the device on its Google Play store. For a short period of time Monday the item was listed on the store but was quickly taken down for whatever reason.

Nest Thermostat May Soon Be Sold On Google PlayAlthough Google hasn’t made a public comment regarding when the Nest would be made available for sale on its store, the slight mishap Monday definitely suggests that it will be soon.

Considering we are already a few months removed from the acquisition announcement, you’d think that Google would want to get the Nest out to more people as fast as possible.

Many users were upset earlier this year when the announcement was made and some are still bringing up privacy concerns because of Google’s track record when it comes to dealing with user data.

The Nest thermostat “learns” a user’s patterns so that it can automatically turn the heat up or down depending on the time and the day of the week. Over a long period of use, this can also save money while making things easier for the consumer. Nest has remained one of the leading examples of how a relatively inexpensive product can help users through home automation.

Following the acquisition, everything we have heard has suggested that the Nest team is pretty much left alone by Google. Unlike other companies that have a tendency to absorb or completely take over their acquisitions, Google sometimes leaves companies to do whatever they wish. This is what happened when, for a short period of time, Google owned Motorola.

Now that the Nest has at least made an appearance on Google’s online site, it seems likely that people will soon be able to buy it on Google Play.

Question – Will you buy the Nest on Google Play when it becomes available on the store?


Summary: Google briefly included the Nest thermostat on its online store Monday. The listing was pulled once people began to report on it. Suggests that the Nest will soon be sold via Google Play.

image credit: inventorspot

  1. That would depend entirely on the price. The reason I do not own one yet is because the price is high. If they could get the price to $150 or less it would have a good ROI.

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